Hunter Greene has been on fire this spring training. He threw a split-finger fastball and a curveball during one of his outings. Two of which he never threw in the majors

In his first Spring outing on February 25th, the flamethrower used all four pitches during his 1 2/3 innings in Cincinnati’s 9-4 win at Goodyear Ballpark.

“Pretty good. I tried to keep it simple,” Greene said. “I feel like I had a good feel for everything. Curveball was a little iffy, but as far as spring I will continue to work on it.”


Hunter Greene Adds Splitter and Curve To Repertoire


Overall, Greene gave up one hit with two walks and four strikeouts. His control with the curveball was a bit rusty. The splitter has a chance to become the pitch that makes Greene untouchable.


“The split was fantastic today,” said Greene, who was 4-7 with a 4.82 ERA and 1.42 WHIP last season. “It was unbelievable. So it’s just continuing to work on it and get it ready for Opening Day and the rest of the season.


Greene throwing new pitches proves he has been putting in the work this offseason. Greene’s arsenal already consists of, a slider, explosive four-seam fastball, and changeup that he rarely goes to.  These new pitches can make Greene even more deadly than he already is. He struck out a remarkable 152 batters in 112 innings. 


Standing at six feet five inches tall, Greene has a golden arm and can throw up to 105mph on a fastball. If he can quickly learn to control his other pitches, we can be looking at a Cy Young nominee.  



In 2023, Greene had a good season, earning a 4.82 ERA in 22 games played. With the new pitches, he could be seeing more starts and pitch deeper into games.  


Hunter Greene Has Cy Young Potential


If Greene keeps developing these new pitches along with the ones in his arsenal, the real question will be how the Reds will use him. During spring training, Greene has been proving himself as a future star of the Reds’ rotation. He might even end up getting some bullpen work. With his new repertoire, he can come out of the bullpen or start as he’s accustomed to. 


It all depends on how effective the Reds want to be on the defensive side of the baseball. 



Greene was drafted in the 2017 MLB draft with the second overall pick. As a high draft pick, Greene showed glimpses of a star in the making as he performed well in the minors, earning himself a call to the majors. 


 The Reds are in an exciting rebuild with young talent exploding across the roster. Greene adding to his bag of tricks can make a huge difference. The Reds also have “Mr. Electricity” Elly Del La Cruz, who has tremendous bat speed at the plate and a great amount of defense at the shortstop position.  With these two young stars, the Reds are two steps closer to a phenomenal young core. 



Let’s not forget outfielder Will Benson. The MLBbro had some breakthrough moments last season and looks to take another step up in production in 2024.


Hunter Greene Building A Better Person and Pitcher


Greene is not just adding new pitches, he is also building himself. Greene is becoming a better athlete, improving his endurance and strength. At 24 years of age, Greene is reaching a level of maturity that should serve him well. He’s already had some incredible success in MLB, despite the Reds being one of baseball’s worst squads. With the team improving, look for Greene to start racking up plenty more wins in 2024. 




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