Major League Baseball and its 30 member clubs will work together to replace a statue of Jackie Robinson that was stolen from a youth baseball park in Kansas last week. Donations have also poured in from around the globe as Jackie Robinson’s 105th birthday was all the inspiration needed for this terrible situation to transform into an example of people’s true humanity.


Major League Baseball pledged support. And the total raised just through one online fundraiser surpassed $145,000, which is far in excess of the estimated $75,000 value of the bronze statue that was cut from its base last week.


Jackie Robinson Statue Stolen: $150,000 In Donations

The statue, which stood outside of McAdams Park in Wichita, was stolen last week and found on fire at a nearby park on Tuesday “dismantled and burned,” with damages in the ballpark of $75K. The Wichita Fire Department responded to the report of a trash can fire and discovered the statue ablaze.


Wichita police spokesperson Andrew Ford said the statue was “not salvageable.” The callous and destructive act ignited a firestorm of support for League 42 from fans, baseball clubs and concerned citizens who respect the legacy of Jackie Robinson and what he meant to this country.


Bob Lutz, the executive director of the League 42 youth baseball league, announced on Tuesday that Major League Baseball and its clubs would replace the statue.


“It will be a joyous occasion – unlike today, unlike the past five days,” Lutz said.


Lutz’s friend, the late John Parsons, crafted the statue.


“Fortunately, the mold from his work is still viable, and the statue that reappears at McAdams Park will be the work of John Parsons,” he said. “In a matter of months, that will be erected at McAdams Park, and we’re looking forward to that day … It’ll be a joyous occasion, unlike today, unlike the past five days. We’re ready for some joy, you know. We’re ready for some happiness, and we’re going to pursue that in the best way we can.”


There were people throughout the baseball community that felt the police weren’t acting quick enough to find the statue and the perpetrators, but Lutz commended the police for the resources they have put into investigating the crime.


“It’s a sad thing that this happened in our community, but I think the way our community is reacting to it could not be better, so we’re going to move forward here and not look back,” he said.

What Is League 42?

League 42 was founded in 2013 and is a league for baseball players ages 5-14 from urban areas around Wichita, according to The league serves nearly 600 youth players on 46 different teams.


The statue outside of McAdams Park will be present once again in the near future and will stand as a reference to young players of the impact that Robinson made on and off the field.


Police are still investigating the theft, the arson and looking for the culprits.
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