When it comes to representing Pittsburgh pride, MLBbro Andrew McCutchen’s name shines brightest as he takes home the honor of being named the 2023 Pittsburgher of the Year.

Cutch expresses his love for the city every chance he gets and it’s great to see that love being shown in return to the former 2013 National League MVP.


Andrew McCutchen Is An All-time Great Pittsburgh Pirates Star

During his first nine-year stint (2009-2017) with the Pittsburgh Pirates McCutchen cemented himself as one of the Steel city’s own. Hitting for both power and average along with being a dominant Gold Glove winning center fielder, Cutch went on to make five All-Star Teams, win the National League’s MVP award (.317 batting average, 21 home runs, 84 RBIs that season), and at the top of his list, winning the Roberto Clemente award (2015).


“It means a lot. I feel it means a bit more to me, just because of it being Roberto Clemente and him playing for the Pirates, wearing the same uniform…” Andrew would say about winning the Clemente award (the second Pirate to do so since Willie Stargell in 1974).


Regardless of the Change, The Loyalty Remained  


Even when McCutchen wasn’t a member of the Pirates he’s shown his loyalty and affection for Pittsburgh through his foundation Cutch’s Crew and his volunteer work with non-profit organizations throughout the city. His connection to the community further adds to the merit and deservedness of being Pittsburgher of the Year.

In November 2019 while a member of the Philadelphia Phillies, McCutchen gave back to the community launching Project Pittsburgh: Cutch Charity Week.


He would talk to students at a High School for a Development Day bringing in human resource professionals to offer advice concerning interviewing and searching for a job. Then helping them choose professional outfits to wear on these job interviews after graduation.

Cutch would also partner and volunteer with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, 412 Food Rescue, Reading Buddies, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and others during the week to show his love and support for the city.


Andrew McCutchen’s Pittsburgh Story is Still Being Written



The McCutchen story is not over in Steel City.


He returned to the club in 2023 in one of the most feel-good stories during the season where he returned to hit .256 with 12 home runs, 43 RBIs, and 41 stolen bases in 112 games. A season cut short due to a partially torn Achilles injury. Cutch signed a one-year, $5 million deal to return to the club in 2024.



The Lifetime .276 hitter with 299 homers and 1,045 RBIs cites there’s “more work to do” this season and does not put a timetable on when he will officially hang em’ up. He has however, made it clear that Pittsburgh will be his first and final home.

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