Tim Anderson has had a pretty good week at the plate for the Chicago White Sox. From September 13 to 18, the two-time All-Star carried a five-game hitting streak, hitting .476 during that stretch. He had a three-hit performance on the 16 against the Minnesota Twins and then followed that up with a four-hit performance on the 18 against the Washington Nationals.


Anderson has been the talk of the league ever since his scuffle with Cleveland Guardian’s Jose Ramirez. But let’s not forget, this brother is still an elite shortstop.



While Chicago struggled this season, Anderson has made the most of his opportunities on the field this season, but his numbers have taken a drop on the offensive side since 2019.



Now granted, the past four seasons, Anderson has hit over .300, which is very impressive. It looks like this season he will not reach that .300 average. 


The 30 has spent his entire career with the White Sox. And outside of the two All-Star selections, he has a Silver Slugger award winner, and was named the American League Batting Champion.


It looks like Anderson’s future with the White Sox is up in the air, especially after the team tried shopping him around at the trade deadline but there weren’t any takers.


Time For Tim Anderson To Depart Chicago


Throughout the past few years, the White Sox have gone into the season having a strong chance of winning the division and making a run in the postseason. 


But that has not happened, and Anderson has not played his best ball this season which doesn’t make things better. And not to mention the suspensions that he’s faced as well.


Despite the challenges that Anderson has faced, he’s still going to go out there and leave it all out there on the field.


We have seen how passionate he is about the game. One of the best moments during the 2021 season was his walk-off home-run against the New York Yankees in the Field of Dreams game.


The emotion that he displayed after hitting that homer showed you how much baseball meant to him and that this game can be very entertaining. Anderson was a player that brought excitement to the game, and he can still do just that. The White Sox will have a big decision to make once the season ends on what they want to do with Anderson.


Chicago has been a great fit for Anderson during his career. He’s been heavily involved in the community and for kids to see a Black baseball player like Anderson have the success he’s had in the past is a wonderful sight to see.


Did White Sox Decide To Keep #MLBbro Tim Anderson Or Was There No Market For Former Batting Champion?


While it will be unusual seeing Anderson in another uniform, we can’t rule that out. Come 2024, Anderson could potentially have a new one. Whether he stays in Chicago or is on a different team, he will continue to bring that high-level intensity and that swag that we have seen from him the past few years.

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