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The most exciting part of the game for fans are when they get blessed with towering home run balls that go into the seats and then fight for the right to take it home as a souvenir.   


The “home run for the MLBbro” movement took off last year when Aaron Judge dominated the headlines chasing and eventually passing the all-time American League home run record held by Roger Maris.


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With the MLBbro MVP’s exploits, an idea came up to do a weekly segment called Chocolate Thunder featuring the top three home runs of the week. After the Founder and Editor, Rob Parker greenlit the idea, the combination of writer Ronald Agers, video editor Jayden Armant along with Managing Editor/VP of Operations JR Gamble, the video series got started but not without its set of issues.


What were the issues?


There weren’t many home runs from the MLBbros to choose from early on in the season. There were weeks that the segment featured home runs from the minor leagues, the All-Star Home Run Derby and the amateur home run derby from one of the college classics to get the Bro bombs needed just to complete the weekly segment without repeating the same guys. 


Up until about a month ago that is.


There has been a complete explosion of home runs by the MLBbros as of late, dating back to the beginning of August. Over the last few weeks there have been so many home runs that not only has there been enough for a regular segment of “Chocolate Thunder” but for special segments as well like this one last week…



Since Aaron Judge’s return from injury, outside of his three-homer game a couple of weeks ago, his bat has been quiet, and it’s been other MLBbros sending baseballs into the seats.

Some of them are on flat out tears. 


Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers):  did a feature wondering if Mookie Betts or Aaron Judge was the hottest MLBbro in baseball last month. Mookie answered that question in spades, putting up one of the greatest August performances in history.  


  • Batting Average: .455…tops in the Majors.
  • Home runs: 11 which also was tops in baseball.
  • Hits: 51 which was the highest in baseball.
  • Extra base hits: 21 which is the highest in baseball.
  • Runs: 35 (Starting to get the picture here?) highest in baseball.
  • Total bases: 94…Mookie Betts is good at the game of baseball!


If you combine all of these stats for the month of August with the fact that he just collected the 250th home run of his career, Mookie has made it so easy for the Chocolate Thunder crew to have fresh content every week!



According to MLB Stats, this MLBbro is only the third player since 1900 to own at least a .450 average, 50 hits and 10 home runs in a single month.  MVP.


Royce Lewis (Minnesota Twins):


This MLBbro has been on a tear for the last week of grand fashion. Oops, like grand slam fashion. Royce Lewis made team history of three grand slams for the season. What’s amazing about this achievement is that he has done it in a week!



Royce Lewis became the second player in MLB history to hit at least five homers and three grand slams in an eight game span. The last player to achieve the feat was Lou Gehrig back in 1931.


He’s the first rookie with more than three grand slams in a season since Alexi Ramirez had four in 2008.


Now to the team records…


In only 56 games, Lewis is tied for 11th in team history in grand slams.


Only 13 hitters in Twins history have more than three grand slams including Lewis. Harmon Killebrew has the record with ten. How many games did it take? 1,939 games!


This third grand slam put Royce in the Twins record books with some all-time great MLBbro icons, Rod Carew, Torri Hunter and Kirby Puckett.


The list could go on but let’s stop at Royce being the fastest in MLB history to collect four grand slams…



Jazz Chisholm (Miami Marlins):

After having an up and down season, Jazz Chisholm has gotten hot for the Miami Marlins. In an eight-game stretch this MLBbro has stacked his own set of numbing numbers…


  • Batting average: .371 (13-for-35)
  • Home runs: four
  • RBI: 11
  • Runs: eight


But this discussion is about home runs and Jazz has been tearing the cover off the ball as of late. His hot streak has carried over into Miami’s series against the NL West leading Los Angeles Dodgers with no evidence of slowing down. 



The Marlins are just 1/2 game out of the final MLB Wild Card spot in the National League and, now, Jazz is giving its fanbase what it wants with home run excitement and nuff euro step celebrations as he crosses the plate. features Chocolate Thunder every Friday on all social media platforms. Thanks to players like these three MLBbros, there will be fresh content for the rest of the season.


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