If the MLB season were to end today the Toronto Blue Jays would claim the third and final wild card spot.


The team has been fairly consistent throughout the season even though they are in arguably the toughest division in the Major Leagues. The team will have to take every game seriously over the course of the next month and a half.


This is why the streak that MLBbro George Springer is on could not have come at a better time.


George Springer Is Doing Everything He Can To Keep Toronto Alive In Tough AL East


I stated in an article I wrote earlier this season that the Blue Jays have been to the postseason as recently as last year, but the sweep in 2022 still haunts them.


Springer, a World Series MVP with the Astros, knows the importance of this time of year and how much it means to be performing at a high level in the waning moments of the season.


Since August 1, the MLBbro is batting .382 and is close to eclipsing his July totals before the second week of the month is complete.


Evidence of how locked in Springer is right now can be seen in his 13-pitch AB with Guardian’s pitcher Logan Allen. Springer finished the AB with a Bro bomb that would lead to the 1-0 victory over the Cleveland Guardians on the road.



Springer’s Hot Bat Moved Down From Leadoff Spot


While Springer has spent most of his career at the leadoff spot, the Blue Jays have recently moved him down in the lineup. The MLBbro has been batting cleanup this past week and it has been met with great results as he is batting .444 with one home run and three doubles. Versatility has always been a big part of Springer’s game, so he is happy to fulfill whatever vacancy manager John Schneider deems necessary for the team’s success.


MLBbro George Springer is a key component of the Blue Jay’s plans and will factor into their desired success. He is a proven playoff performer, and in 2017 he delivered one of the most dominating World Series performances seen in recent memory.


If he can get into his playoff form earlier than usual and maintain that intensity, Toronto will be a dark horse team to contend with this year.

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