The New York Yankees are dealing with a roller coaster of positives and negatives right now.


The bad news is that they are in last place in the American League East with a 50-45 record, including a two-game losing streak. The good news is that even though they have lost seven of their last ten games, they are only four games in the loss column behind the third place Toronto Blue Jays.


Glass Half Empty For Yankees


To the Yankees fans that follow the glass half empty mindset of following this iconic franchise, this historic hiccup will not bring any sunshine to your day. 



It’s hard to understand what the issue is with a team still five games over .500 but blowing leads to losing teams in historical fashion gets people pointing fingers and looking for someone to blame. With losses to the St. Louis Cardinals, Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs, it’s no longer the absence of MLBbro MVP Aaron Judge that can be floated as a narrative to the struggles.



While mainstream media will eventually attach the problems to the general manager (Brian Cashman) and the manager (Aaron Boone), there might be an MLBbro that can actually step to the forefront as the savior of this disastrous season.


Can Giancarlo Stanton Be Aaron Judge Lite And Save Yankees?


Over an 11-game stretch going into last weekend, in comparison to the overall Yankees offense, this MLBbro  has been Aaron Judge-lite!


  • Entering the weekend, Stanton had 11 RBI and 11 hits.

  • He had a hitting slash of .290/.386/.684 while cutting down on his strikeouts.

  • He scored seven runs while hitting three doubles and sending four balls into the cheap seats.



Stanton’s sudden resurgence this year is similar to his journey last year. While an Achilles injury slowed down the MLBbro last year, a hamstring strain suffered on April 15th kept him on the IL until June 2nd. However, the time off messed with his rhythm to the tune of a hitting slash of .113/.203/.226 with 23 strikeouts in 18 games coming off the IL.   


Yankees manager Aaron Boone sees the similarities, differences and more importantly growth from our MLBbro.  


“He’s getting there,” Aaron Boone shared last Saturday. “It’s timing. It’s rhythm. It’s that subtle load that he has within his legs and his hands. So he’s getting into that good position to make a good swing decision.”


“Sometimes it’s taken him a little bit,” Boone said. “Last year, though, was different than this year. Last year, he was trying to learn how to play through and knowing he wasn’t going to be perfect physically. He’s been pretty healthy since he’s come back [this year].”


But for now, Giancarlo Stanton is the only newsworthy subject in the Big Apple other than Shohei Ohtani trade rumors that probably won’t come to fruition. While trade rumors are pipe dreams channeling hope for desperate Yankees fans, Stanton is reality as he took MLBbro of the Week honors.



While Stanton’s current numbers are far below his past MVP standards, his recent explosion at the plate may be the Yankees’ only hope these days while they find themselves on the outside of the wild card race looking in.


Something at least his manager realizes…


“When G really locks it in, then you’re in real trouble,” Boone said. But there’s no question the last couple of weeks, he’s trending in that direction.”


Yankees Owner, Hal Steinbrenner is also a huge believer in Stanton’s ability to get hot and carry a team for weeks.  Well, get out the popcorn and soda ready New York fans because Giancarlo Stanton might have to.


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