While the Los Angeles Dodgers are spiraling downward as of late to the point of irrelevance, Mookie Betts  does his part to bring the franchise back to the news cycle over the weekend.

In a Sunday interview with MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds, the MLBbro put his name in the hat to participate in this year’s MLB All-Star Home Run Derby when the event comes to the T-Mobile Park in Seattle. But only on one condition…


“I’m doing the home run derby,“ Betts said. “…I’m going to do it, I’ma do it, I’ma do it. I’ma do it. As long as I’m an All Star.”



Please excuse the roar of laughter you might be hearing from MLBbro.com at this moment. As one of the best players in MLB, Mookie will be doing the Michael Jackson “Moonwalk” into Seattle and not just as an All-Star, but as a starter in the outfield. As they say…stats don’t lie.


Since June 1, Betts is batting .328 along with a .970 OPS (Addition of on-base and slugging percentages) with four homers and 19 hits.


Season averages include a .269 batting average with a .893 OPS, 17 home runs and 43 RBI.


All of this adds up to our MLBbro ranking second among outfielders in the National League through June 12th with 676,491 All-star votes. 


Mookie Will Be Fourth Dodger To Enter Home Run Derby 


Mookie Betts will be the fourth different Dodgers player to be a part of the Derby joining Joc Pederson (2016), Corey Seager (2017) and Max Muncy (2018). If Betts wins, he will be the first player in franchise history to bring the home run trophy home.


It will be interesting to see how our MLBbro stacks up to his competitors based on his size. Usually, participants are much larger and use raw power in these competitions.

Betts is more of a scientific hitter, even though he has shown the ability to lose baseballs in the seats over his career.



The format of the Derby is spread out over three rounds. Can Betts sustain his power long enough to last through three rounds?


What Mookie Betts is challenged with…


In the first round, each batter will have three minutes to hit as many home runs as possible. There is potential for bonus time based on participants hitting homers of a certain distance in the round.

In the second round, the remaining competitors will have two minutes to hit as many home runs as possible.  All competitors can have a 45 second time out. All ties are susceptible to a swing off. First swing off is 60 seconds, second swing off is three swings.


Seedings are based on the number of homers during the season.


With Mookie tallying a career high 35 dingers last year and on pace to surpass that total this season, look for a surprise at Seattle’s All-Star event, and I’m predicting that Mookie will raise some more hardware to add to his illustrious career.

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