Marcus Stroman pushed back on the GENY Mets Report saying that the MLBbro didn’t want to be on the Chicago Cubs with the trade deadline looming. 


Stroman’s blunt remarks didn’t just call out the Mets fan page but all of New York media, tweeting,


“Another false headline and biased narrative? It’s comical how trash [New York] media is. And the fact that people continue to believe these desperate blogs is hilarious. Zero diversity throughout NY media. Dinosaur writers with no skill trying to get clicks with false headlines.”


The 32-year-old has consistently let his feelings about the media’s power to shift a narrative known through his social media presence. 


He even responded to a tweet by John Mincone, who is the Vice President of Shea Hello Media, on Saturday questioning how Stroman has insinuated the desire to depart from the Cubs.


Stroman responded to Mincone’s tweet saying, “Trash NY media always having to lie for clicks. Just like they created a false story that someone on the Mets was upset with my excitement after going 8 innings. Checked in with Lindor, and not a word was said. NY media lacks diversity, and it shows with their biased narratives!”


The right-hander’s comments come just two years after Stroman elected free agency from the Mets in November 2021


The 2023 Cy Young candidate has done the opposite of discussing wanting out of Chicago instead, he’s gushed about his time with the organization, even buying his teammates Nintendo Switches as a gift ahead of their series in London against the Cardinals.


Ironically enough, Stroman had mentioned how reports could come out around the trade deadline, and his anticipation was warranted. 


After his performance on Friday, tossing his fifth consecutive quality start after going 6 2/3 innings, allowing just two runs, and fanning five batters, Stroman talked about the potential rumors the very next day. 


“I know how narratives get created in media from the top down,” Stroman said. “Once it starts to creep towards the trade deadline and how they try to make it sound like players are unsignable or don’t want to be here. Like, I want to be here more than anything. So I made that known. There’s been no rebuttal from their side.”


Stroman continued the conversation about furthering his tenure with the Cubs with his 506.9 thousand followers on Twitter. 


After one Twitter account rattled off some of his impressive stats for this season − “14 Games Started, 12 Quality Starts, 1 Complete Game, 85.2 IP, 2.42 ERA, 1.04 WHIP” − Stroman tweeted:

“My agent and I made multiple attempts to engage them on an extension,” Stroman said. “Club wasn’t interested in exploring it now. Will see how it plays out! Love everything about the Cubs organization!”


The Cubs need to act fast in pursuing Stroman’s long-term deal, as the ace hasn’t just made himself marketable on the diamond but also has previously expressed interest in other teams, specifically the San Francisco Giants. 


Before signing with the Cubs in 2021, the Giants were at the top of Stroman’s destination list. 


“To be honest, I love the Giants and everything about that organization,” Stroman told USA TODAY Sports in March 2022. “They were incredible. I was blown away. That organization is headed for great, great things. The people from the top down are incredible. They’re with it, man.


“I would love it at some point down the road to be a part of that team.”


Now, sitting third in the National League West, and with Sean Manaea struggling in his transition to the Giants in the first of his two-year deal, Stroman could be the key piece to help elevate the already potent San Francisco rotation to a playoff contender. 


The Giants are just one of many teams that will be clamoring for the Stro Show at the trade deadline if the Cubs are unable to come to terms with the electric pitcher on an extension. 


“Ideally, I’d want to be a Cub, but it’s a business at the end of the day, and that’s how it has to be handled at times,” Stroman said. 

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