Dominic Smith spent his first six MLB seasons playing for the New York Mets, who drafted him in the first round back in 2013.

We got the opportunity to see Smith grow as a player and develop his skill set during his time in New York.


During his time with the Mets, he had his share of ups and downs, but his experience was worthwhile.


Dominic Smith Is A Work In Progress

Smith is now a member of the Washington Nationals, looking to become a key player on a team that is rebuilding.




In his first season with the Nationals, Smith is getting settled in with his new ball club and looking to fulfill his role on the team.


The former 11th overall pick has two games where he’s recorded three hits and during the month of May he’s hitting well over .300


This is what the Nationals want to continue to see out of Smith.


Smith embraces time playing against former team


Smith has played his former team on two occasions so far this season. The first time came in April. It was a trip down memory lane for Smith when he went back to New York.

As The Trade Deadline Approaches, The Mets Need Dominic Smith To Get Back To His Old Self


“I would just say that my time with the Mets was just some of the biggest memories of my life and something that I just have to forever be grateful for,”
he said. “It made me, I feel like, the man I am today and helped me deal with adversity and just learn how to seek true happiness. So I think it made me all around just a better person being here.”


The Nationals took on the Mets again this past weekend and on Sunday, the teams resumed a game that was suspended and Smith went 2-for-4.


In his six seasons with the Mets, Smith hit .246 with 46 home runs and 179 RBI. The Mets were very high on Smith, but it seemed like he didn’t live up to the expectations the Mets set out for him to have. 


His best season in New York was during the COVID shortened season in 2020 when he hit .316 with 10 homers through 50 games. 


Though he may not have put up the numbers that he wanted to during his time in New York, he still played a key role during those six seasons.


Making the most out of a new opportunity

Smith is looking to make Washington D.C. his new home and with his experience and skill set, he certainly has what it takes to make an impact for the Nationals.


Through 36 games this season, he’s hitting over .260 with eight RBI and a home run. It’s early, so we could see those numbers increase as the season progresses.


But Smith is grateful to be playing for the Nationals and he wants to take full advantage of the opportunities he has.


“I feel like everything happens for a reason,” Smith said. “And I’m just very blessed and thankful just to still be here, still be in the big leagues and still have an opportunity to play and win ballgames. So I’m extremely happy.


I’m very thankful for the Washington Nationals organization for giving me the opportunity and a chance to come out here and play. I just want to help these young guys, help myself and the whole organization get back to where we were in 2019.”

This will be a big season for Smith as he has a chance to turn his career around and contribute to the Nationals’ eventual return to NL contenders. 

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