LaMont Wade Jr. is feeling good, and it is definitely showing on the field. His bat has been on fire lately and it’s been a pleasing sight to see for San Francisco Giants fans.



The 29-year-old has handled the leadoff spot well for manager Gabe Kepler. On April 26, Wade launched a home run off St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Steven Matz. 


That home run was Wade’s first career homer off a left-handed pitcher.


Through 26 games, Wade has belted six home runs, which is tied for first on the team. He has displayed his power early on during the season and this is only the beginning. 


He’s also hitting .260 with nine RBI and an impressive 21 walks.


This past offseason was a big one for Wade as he spent a lot of time rehabbing his left knee.


“I’m healthy,” Wade said after the April 26 game. “My knee feels good, that’s the biggest thing. Last year I was standing straight up because I couldn’t put any pressure on that knee. Now I can actually sink into my legs and get into my move quicker and more efficiently.”



Legs are arguably the most important part to hitting, and when your legs aren’t 100 percent, that can affect your hitting.


“I felt I was seeing the ball well last year, I just couldn’t swing because I didn’t have my legs,” Wade said.


For a good portion of his career, Wade struggled against hitting off of left-handed pitchers. Since 2019, he had a .338 OBS off lefties, which was last in the league.


Baseball is a game of adjustments and a lot of it is the mental aspect. 



“I don’t think anything is easy, but when you’re seeing it well, I don’t think it really matters which hand they’re throwing it out of,” Wade said. “As long as I can pick up the ball early and make my move in a good timely fashion, I think everything will be good.”


This is the start we wanted to see from LaMont Wade Jr.


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When Wade was traded to the Giants from Minnesota in 2021, he was ready to make an immediate impact.


Now in his third season with the team, he has blossomed into a polished player with supreme athleticism. From April 23 to May 2, Wade posted an impressive batting average, hitting .385 during that span. During that time he also hit three homers in three consecutive nights against the San Diego Padres and Houston Astros. Now that Wade is starting to see lefties better, he is that much more dangerous at the plate. He’s the type of player that can lead the game off with a solo shot or hit a walk off homer.



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You better believe opposing pitchers are starting to understand how talented Wade is at the plate and they’ll be looking for numerous ways to try and keep him off the base paths. If Wade continues to stay hot like this throughout the season, this could be one of his best seasons of the Bro bombing utility player’s career.


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