The Los Angeles Angels are looking to finally make a splash behind superstar outfielder Mike Trout. With the team sending a whopping 18 players (10 MLB, 8 minor league) including Trout and Japan’s Shohei Ohtani to this year’s World Baseball Classic, the team had to do something to fill out their spring training roster.

One of the players who benefitted from the shortage of manpower and was invited tup for the spring is highly-regarded 2019 second-round pick, Kyren Paris.

 Drafted to be the Angels future shortstop or second baseman, the 21-year-old is right on track to reach his ceiling, and an opportunity like this is huge for his development. Paris has battled injuries, which caused some struggles early on in his development. But in August he was promoted to the Double-A Rocket City Trash Pandas after spending the entire 2021 and 2022 season with the High-A Tri-City Dust Devils. 



 Paris Has Taken Advantage Of Spring Training Opportunity


Paris, a .250 hitter in three seasons of minor league ball, has hit at that same clip through spring training. But in a breakout five RBI performance, Paris brought his bat, going 2-4 with a two-run triple, a bases loaded walk and two-run double in the ninth. Paris’ bat accounted for five of the Angels 11 runs that day, and further proved why the franchise is so high on him being one of their best future infielders. He’s a potentially-explosive player with multiple tools. 

Also possessing a great glove, and with the innate ability to wreak havoc on the base paths, the only thing holding Paris back is experience and more contact, which will come with that experience and seeing more MLB-level pitching daily.

As the Angels 10th-ranked prospect, if Paris continues on his trajectory, he’s expected to make his MLB debut in 2024. He and rising shortstop/second baseman Livan Soto will form a dynamic duo for the Angels. Soto got the call up last September, and Paris should be the next Angels infielder to receive that life-changing call.




Paris Being Drafted Made Parents Proud

Back in 2019, when the Angels chose Paris, it was as if his entire family, especially mom, Kimberly and dad LeJon had made it. All those sacrifices they made as parents paid off.

When his mother heard Kyren’s name called in the MLB Draft, mom told reporters this:

“It was a sense of complete bliss!” said his mother, Kimberly. “I was very happy that he had reached one of his lifelong goals. He has worked very hard to get to where he is today.”

“The biggest adjustment for the family is Kyren not being at home anymore,” mom added. He’s away doing what he loves to do. However, we get to talk to him every day via group chat and FaceTime.”



Dad LeJon piggybacked mom’s comments.

 “The feeling was immense joy and excitement! He and I had worked very hard together to make this dream become a reality,” said LeJon.

 Now that dream is becoming a reality and probably quicker than they thought. Paris’ spring performance has definitely placed him on the radar and possibly bolted him into contention to become an immediate part of the LA Angels’ future. 

With young MLBbros such as Jo Adell and Paris, the Angles are looking to bring some Bros to the show, sooner than later.

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