Support has been received, prayers have been answered and it seems that the worst is behind Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin who finally opened his eyes and is experiencing an amazing recovery following the hit felt around the sports world. 

As NFL play resumed on Saturday night, Hamlin has continued to receive support from some of the biggest names in sports all week. 

Former NFL and MLBbro star Bo Jackson had a stirring message for Hamlin on Friday that really touched the Twittersverse.



Jackson recalled Hamlin’s “Did we win?” question from when he first woke up. Jackson declared that all of America won when Hamlin woke up after nearly losing his life on the football field.

“Dear @HamlinIsland, The question you asked, “Did we win?” The answer to that is yes, we did win. The very second you opened your eyes, the nation celebrated and cheered. So, to answer your question, hell yeah, we won young man!!” Jackson tweeted.

Jackson’s tweet is going viral with over 2.1M views, nearly 42,000 likes, and over 3,500 retweets.

The reaction to Jackson’s tweet shows us how beloved and respected he still is (the wrong Heisman winner ran for political office in Georgia) and how this Damar Hamlin tragedy turned triumph captivated the entire country.

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