In a series of recent tweets, former Yankee All-Star outfielder and MVP, Jose Canseco warned Aaron Judge that it would be in his best interest to leave New York in the offseason, as it is “a dump and the fans are awful.” This came after Judge ended up hitting .063 (1-16) with a single, a walk and four strikeouts in the ALCS with the Yankees ultimately getting swept on their own field.

The Yankees fans were not afraid to show their frustration with the team, starting off with Judge, as he was booed multiple times for his cold bat.

Judge just had an historical season, nearly winning the triple crown and setting the American League all-time record for home runs in a single season with 62. But that did not matter to Yankees fans at that moment. All they cared about was 1-16.

That was Canseco’s entire point, believing that if Judge does walk in the offseason, this had some factor in his departure. “This man almost won the triple crown. He set an American League home run record… and his home fans are booing him,” he said on 97.5 The Game.

Canseco also stated that even if he were to replicate that same season, the fans would still hate him. It is a fair point that he is making, but if this is the reason why Aaron Judge is leaving, then he is just not meant to be playing for a team in one of the country’s Northeast cities, especially the nation’s biggest market, New York.

What Canseco fails to understand is that, yes, Aaron Judge just had one of the best regular seasons in recent memory and will be praised for that for years to come as he will most likely win the AL MVP and be on this year’s All-MLB First Team. But there are certain organizations and fan bases that really do not care about these regular season awards. All they care about is championships. It is those big market, blue blood teams, and the Yankees are at the top of that list.

And Canseco is wrong calling the Yankees fans awful and saying that they will hate him.

Any player who plays for teams like the Yankees, Mets or Phillies, where their fans are not afraid to criticize you are lucky, because it shows that they care. Just because they call you out for your poor play does not mean they hate you. It means that they want you to know that they are not pleased at all with how you are playing currently because they expect a lot better from you, especially since at the end of the day, these fans will always have your back when you play hard for them and will praise you like there is no tomorrow when you are playing well.

If Judge just wants to not be criticized when things aren’t going well, then yeah, he should go to one of those small market teams where the standards and pressure aren’t that high. But if all he cares about is championships, and he is not afraid of taking the heat when he’s not playing well, then New York is the place for him.

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