The Houston Astros gave a half a million dollars to Texas Southern University earlier this year to fund scholarships and sports management programs, there are even scholarships named after Astros great, Enos Cabell and TSU alum and Astros minority owner, Milton Carroll, but that’s not the extent of their relationship. 

As the Astros enter their fourth World Series in six years, Texas Southern will be a part of it as well as Fox Sports incorporated the Houston HBCU’s choir in their World Series pregame package. 



The irony of bringing in the choir from an historically Black university is that this is the first World Series with zero American-born Black players… MLBbros…  since the Phillies and Yankees met in 1950. That’s 71 years of baseball that is seemingly set back to zero with this 2022 match up between the Phils and the Houston Astros. 

It’s odd that the Phillies were involved in both of those World Series but, then again maybe it’s not once you learn that the team didn’t integrate for ten years after Jackie Robinson broke in with the Dodgers in 1947. 

Featuring an HBCU before the World Series is the kind of move you’d think Major League Baseball was doing to attract young black kids to play the game but against the backdrop of a Series with no Black players, it definitely falls flat.


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