The World Series is upon us and wouldn’t you know it, there are no more MLBbro players left to play this season! The only representative in the October classic is Houston Astros manager, Dusty Baker, who is four wins from cleaning up the franchise’s reputation and finalizing the last goal on his iconic resume with his first World Series title as a manager.


Dusty Baker Can Bring Back Two Things For The Houston Astros This Postseason…A Championship and Respect


But that doesn’t mean that can’t get started on next year with three potential superstars that are oozing with talent and built to turn baseball into must-see TV next season.

Jazz “The Bahamian Blur” Chisholm:

The Miami Marlins franchise remains one of the most overlooked pro franchises in sports today. Why? Because in sports, a team has to have a big-time name to attract fans and national attention. Winning helps too and despite owning two World Series championships, the Marlins have mostly had losing seasons while going through name, managerial, front office and philosophical changes that keep the team without a selling point to the fanbase.

Until now…



MLBbro Jazz Chisholm aka “The Bahamian Blur” is the first player in the Marlins franchise in years that will make people leave their homes, pay for parking, buy a ticket and watch the games. This guy alone could lift the blackout in Miami when it comes to baseball on television. While Chisolm is still developing as a player, his presence alone brings a certain level of energy and relevance that resonates with local fans and the younger generation. The charismatic baller does have major game and if he stays injury free should be a shoo-in to make the NL All-Star squad next season. 

With the Marlins ownership being notorious for ignoring big name free agents while letting their own budding talent leave for bigger paydays, this MLBbro is the last man standing for a team that is last on the sports priority list in South Beach.     

When the developers of the “MLB The Show 22 select a player as a part of the “Faces of the Franchises” section of a video game and produce the recreation of his Euro Step home run celebration, it’s a clear sign that Chisholm has arrived to potential superstar status.



“Money” Michael Harris II

This MLBro rookie has been so dominant in such a short time, he’ll get two different analysis styles. 

First let’s do the Hollywood version (In 30 for 30 voice) …

What if I told you that there was this young player that grew up less than an hour from Truist Park admiring Andruw Jones and Chipper Jones, who gets called up in the middle of the season and won the NL Rookie of the Year Award?

Now let’s talk about reality…

It only took 29 games for Michael Harris II to shoot to the top of the list as the best rookie in baseball. His high batting average is remarkable considering he SKIPPED Triple A baseball and was called to the roster on May 31st. If he does officially take the Rookie of the Year award, he sits next to Willie McCovey as the only award winners with such a small percentage of service time. 



Not only that, but Harris II has made sure that no one gets selective memory about the consistency he’s displayed. Our MLBbro collected three NL Rookie of the Month awards in four months including the last month of the season with a batting average of .324, six home runs, 19 RBI and five doubles. His defense is all-world too. Expect some Gold Glove level defense in the future with a rocket for an arm that would make Bo Jackson proud!

The Atlanta Braves didn’t waste time locking Harris up long term once it was obvious that he was a special player with ties to the community, that could be a face of the franchise for years to come. In August, Harris, a product of MLB’s diversity programs (Breakthrough Series) inked an eight-year extension worth $72 million, with a two-year club option that could push the deal to 10-years, $102 million. With season averages of .297 at the plate, 19 home runs and 64 RBI in less than a full season of work, yesterday’s price has already gone up for Money Mike’s services. 

Triston “Dr. Sticks” McKenzie

At the beginning of the season, this MLBbro was called “Dr. Sticks” due to his ultra-skinny 6-foot-5, 165-pound frame. The questions reporters used to throw at him often focused on his physical composition and not his golden arm. 

“I don’t know how I stay so slender. I feel like I eat a decent amount. I think it’s just how my body works. I believe baseball is very taxing. I feel like I burn through a lot of what I eat. I’d say throwing the way I do is me learning my body and learning what makes me feel good and being consistent day in and day out.”

By midseason, everybody in baseball was talking about the generational arm talent that McKenzie possessed as he devastated hitters with his repertoire, reminiscent of legendary MLBbros such as Dwight Gooden, Dave Stewart and Bullet Bob Gibson.



McKenzie completed his final start of the season allowing one earned run and registering four strikeouts without a walk, which continued a streak of 11 consecutive starts of allowing three runs or less matched only by co-ace Shane Bieber for the team lead in 2022.  McKenzie’s ERA of 2.96 made him the first Cleveland pitcher under the age of 24 to boast an ERA under 3.00 since the Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley back in 1975.

With that strong ERA, 191.1 innings pitched, and 190strikeouts, Triston McKenzie is not only the Guardians most consistent starter. He continued his mastery in his first playoff start against the Tampa Bay Rays

Enjoy the World Series but put these three MLBbros on your early list to make the All-Star team and contend for postseason awards in 2023. 



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