We’re in the home stretch MLBBro.com fam! We’re saying goodbye (not Dubai, like Mr. Rob Parker) to the regular season, and screaming hello to postseason baseball.

It’s been a fun ride all season long here with the #BrosBettingBaseball (@bbruh916 / @abookay3) and we hope we lined those pockets with more green than the wall-monster in Boston. Enough with the sappy stuff, let’s lay some maple wood on the leather and hit some home run winners with today’s 3 picks!

1. Things are tighter than a hippo in stretch pants in the NL East race! The New York Mets (-110) hold the slight lead as they visit the second place Atlanta Braves (-110) in this pick’em battle for the top spot. The Mets have given up so much real estate after dominating the first 50 games of the season, and they hope their longtime ace Jacob DeGrom (2.93 ERA, 5 wins – 3 losses) can help salvage their lead against the Brave’s own ace, Max Fried (2.5 ERA, 13 wins – 7 losses). Things may be rough for the Mets, though, as DeGrom’s return has left a bit to be desired. He’s allowed 3 or more runs in his last 3 games and has 0 wins in all three games. The Mets are also still missing MLB Bro Starling Marte to a finger injury, and their big bat Pete Alonso has gone 1 for 8 at bat in his last two games. With the Mets trending down, it’s a strong lean for us picking the hot Atlanta Braves moneyline.

2. Let’s stay in Atlanta for pick number 2! Despite the struggles discussed in the earlier pick, Jacob DeGrom is still dealing as his WHIP sits at an amazing 0.74. Through 58.1 innings pitch, DeGrom recorded 91 strikeouts and has a well-rested arm after sitting out the majority of the season. On the other side, Max Fried’s WHIP is nearly as impressive at 1.02, and if we’re talking about trends, he’s only given up 2 or less earned runs in every start in September. It’s a scary low number, but I’m loving Under 7 total combined runs between the Braves and Mets.


3. There’s a lot on the line for our last pick of the day, as the Wild Card hopeful Milwaukee Brewers (-178) welcome in the Miami Marlins (+150). If you’re a fan of pitching, go ahead and grab a glizzy and some peanuts before you tune in as Miami’s Sandy Alcantara (2.32 ERA, 14 wins – 8 losses) and Milwaukee’s Corbin Burnes (3.11 ERA, 11 wins – 8 losses) will be putting on a show!

The two pitchers have an amazing, combined strikeout count of 420 Ks, and have only allowed 101 combined total bases on balls. These two guys are in their prime as they wrap up their 3rd year in the bigs, but only the Brewers still have something to play for and their offensive fire power (top 10 in slugging and home runs) is lightyears ahead of the Marlins (bottom 10 in all offensive categories). Go ahead and count on the Milwaukee Brewers Moneyline as the #BrosBestBet, and we’ll see you all back here next season as PLAYOFF BASEBALL begins in a week and some change!



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