The Cleveland Guardians are at the top of the standings in the AL Central Division and are looking to make the postseason once again after making an appearance in 2020. Cleveland could be a dominant team in the division for the next few years as its loaded with young and talented players across the board.

Two potential super stars that are making their presence felt are MLBbros, Triston McKenzie and Josh Naylor. These two brothers have shown significant improvements this season and have developed into top players on their team. Cleveland fans have a lot to look forward to, especially with these two talented players. This is McKenzie’s third year in the league and for Naylor this is his fourth. The sky’s the limit for both aand it will be exciting to see how much they improve during their time in Cleveland.

Let’s take a look at how the young bros have developed since they entered the league.

Triston McKenzie, RHP

McKenzie has had an exceptional year this season. The lanky, lethal melanated mound marauder showed flashes of brilliance and inconsistency last season. He has established himself as a force on the rubber this season and a pitcher who can shut down any lineup in baseball when he’s ticking. McKenzie is one of two bros who have recorded at least 10 wins this season. Taijuan “Fly Tai” Walker is the other. 



On the season he has a 10-11 record with a 3.08 ERA and 167 strikeouts through 27 starts. This season McKenzie has shown how dominant he can be on the mound and has learned to take control of the game. You see a lot more confidence in the 25-year-old from when he first entered the league in 2020.

During the COVID-shortened season, he made six starts and finished with a 2-1 record with a 3.24 ERA. In his first MLB start, he picked up the win going six innings, giving up one run and striking out 10 against the Detroit Tigers.

It was that start that everyone got to see the potential McKenzie had. It’s no surprise he’s played a more prominent role in helping Cleveland control the division again. 



Now he’s living up to that. In his second year, he won five games in 24 starts. He quickly got a chance to see what the grind would be like playing in a full season and fast forward to this season, he has shown a lot of improvement and maturity. As he continues to harness his immense talents, “Dr. Sticks” will be a force to reckon with in the American League and he has all-star potential written all over him.

Josh Naylor, 1B

Nicknamed “The Impaler” due to how he can just obliterate a baseball when in his zone, this Canadian-born MLBbro has developed into one of Cleveland’s top hitters this season and he has had numerous clutch performances.



There’s no question that he is a key part to the lineup and this year he has really displayed his power at the plate. Through 111 games this season, Naylor’s hitting .256 with 18 home runs, and 69 RBI, all career-highs for the 25-year-old. When the game is on the line, he’s someone you want to have up at the plate. Naylor started his career in 2019 with the San Diego Padres, then came to Cleveland the next season. 

Last year he put up some solid numbers, but this year has been a breakout season for what he’s been doing at the plate. Having him in the lineup at the cleanup position is a nightmare for opposing pitchers. And he will continue to develop into a power hitter and work all parts of the field.


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