Aaron Judge hit his 60th home run of the 2022 season in a 9-8 Yankees win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. While his fellow MLBbro Giancarlo Stanton’s walk-off grand slam was bro bombing at its best, Judge is closing in on Roger Maris and that’s simply the stuff of legends.

Judge will be the AL MVP at the end of the season everyone. This is no secret, no matter how much highly respected Black Ace CC Sabathia tries to make a claim for Los Angeles Angels pitcher/DH, Shohei Ohtani. 

Despite Ohtani’s numbers, all eyes are on the MLBbro of the Year and his chase for the all-time American League home run record currently held by Yankees icon, Roger Maris. Judge is only two homers away from tying Maris’ 61 dingers and his Tuesday night homer has already placed him in the annals of slugger royalty, along with Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.

On Sunday, he added yet another conversation to the news cycle, hitting his MLB-leading 58th and 59th home run against the Milwaukee Brewers.



Besides powering the Yankees to a 12-8 win over Milwaukee, his 4-5 performance at the plate has now put him in serious contention for the Triple Crown with a few weeks left in the season. Judge would be only the second Black player to win the Triple Crown in MLB history and the first since Frank  Robinson in 1966. 



Right now, our MLBbro is not only dominating major league pitching, but he’s also become the face of baseball. Judge can no longer be put in a box of just being a power player that puts the ball in the seat. These days, he’s has shown the ability to hit the ball all over the park. Yes, Aaron Judge is not just a home run hitter…he’s a professional hitter period!

His production has been historical. He leads all of MLB in homers and RBI by a large margin. As of Tuesday, Judge is just two RBI shy of 130 on the season. According to MLB Network, no player has had more than 133 RBI in a season since Chris “Crush” Davis in 2013.  Judge currently leads the American League in batting average (.316), RBI and homers.  

Despite all of the hoopla, the MLBbro MVP is still focused on what matters and that’s winning baseball games. He shared his thoughts on his goals via ESPN.

“It’s not too difficult if your main focus and your main objective is to go out there and win a game,” Aaron Judge said. “The numbers, they’re just numbers. I’m focused on doing what I can to be a good teammate and help the team win. If that means hitting a homer, it means hitting a homer, but it’s never been my focus.”

Up until last weekend, any talk about Triple Crown winners was surrounding St. Louis Cardinals first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt who is the odds-on favorite to take the National League MVP crown. But now it’s Judge who is in the driver’s seat to become only the 11th player in Major League Baseball history to accomplish this feat since the RBI became a statistic in 1920. 

Just look at the potential greats Aaron Judge could be joining if he keeps up this pace…

2012: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers (American League)

1967: Carl Yastrzemski, Boston Red Sox (American League)

1966: Frank Robinson. Baltimore Orioles (American League)

1956: Mickey Mantle, New York Yankees (Led American and National Leagues)

1947: Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox (American League)

1942: Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox (Led American and National Leagues)

1937: Joe Medwick, St. Louis Cardinals (National Leagues)

1934: Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees (Led American and National Leagues)

1933: Jimmy Foxx, Oakland Athletics (American League)

1925: Rogers Hornsby, St. Louis Cardinals (Led National and American Leagues)

1922: Rogers Hornsby, St. Louis Cardinals (Led National League)

Aaron Judge Is Finishing Strong | MLBbro Leaving No Doubt About AL MVP Award

The history wouldn’t stop there for our MLBbro. If Judge wins the Triple Crown, he would become the third player in Yankees history to achieve the feat along with Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle. That would place the Yankees at the top of the list for the most Triple Crown winners in MLB history, breaking a tie with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. 

But no matter how loudly MLBbro.com or any other media outlets boasts Judge’s accomplishments, our MLBbro is not listening…

“It’s all noise,” Judge said. “I got a job to do on the field and I’m focused on doing that. We got a long way to go. There are quite a few games left this month and the playoffs ahead of us. So I’m staying locked in on that.”

“I’ll tune it out, I try to stay off all that stuff as much as I can, because it’s really no good. You have a bad game, they’re gonna say some things. You have a good game, they’re gonna say some things. So I try to stay off it throughout the year and just focus on what I gotta do here and focus on helping this team and listen to the opinions from my teammates and coaches. Those are the ones that matter to me.”

When pressed about the personal satisfaction of hitting his 60th homer, Judge said, “Getting a chance to play baseball in Yankees Stadium

Check back with Aaron Judge on his performance this year after the season, he’s busy right now!

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