If you look at recent history, our MLBbros used to dominate on the base path. Numbers don’t lie, the all-time leader in stolen bases is none other than Rickey Henderson with 1406.



That’s pretty impressive right there, and it does not look like anyone will break that record any time soon. What’s also impressive is two more MLBbros are second and third on that list in Lou Brock (938) and Billy Hamilton (914). These players have led the league in this category multiple times and made a name for themselves on the bases.

This season, one MLBbro has an opportunity to lead the league in stolen bases, and that’s Cedric Mullins.



Mullins has 25 stolen bases on the year, which ranks third in the league. He’s five behind the leader and with about six weeks left, he could gain some ground on that number and potentially lead the league. Last season he finished tied for fourth with 30.

Base stealing is an art and there is a lot that goes into it. Players were stealing up to 40 plus bases during the season, but that number has dwindled dating back to last season and there’s a big question if we’ll see players stealing that number of bases again.

We have to go back to the 2019 season which marks the last time an MLBbro led the league in stolen bases.

Mallex Smith finished the season with 46 stolen bases as a member of the Seattle Mariners. The season prior he stole 40 bases and finished third.

In 2017, two MLBbros were the top two finishers in the stolen bases category. Dee Strange Gordon finished with 60 stolen bases and Billy Hamilton was right behind him with 59.

That season those two brothers literally stole the show. They were a guaranteed walking double when they got up to bat, because you just knew that if they reached on a single, they were going to steal second. Now, Mullins could be the new face of the MLBbros when it comes to base stealing. With the Baltimore Orioles still in the hunt for postseason play, Mullins will see a lot of action throughout the end of the regular season.

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