Kansas City Royals reliever Amir Garrett was suspended by the league for three games after he threw a drink at a fan during a game on August 2 against the Chicago White Sox.

Garrett has appealed the ruling, which allows him to remain eligible for the time being.



A video posted online showed fans taunting Garrett, and one was leaning onto the roof of the dugout and Garrett splashed a cup filled with liquid in the direction of the fan.

Garrett issued an apology and met with the fan after the game and gave them a jersey.

“There was no hard feelings there,” he said to reporters. “I sent a jersey to him and his son, stuff like that. He was very grateful because it could have gone south. But he was very kind to me, and I was letting him know how upset I was that in the moment I reacted like that.”



“I owe the fan from last night an apology,” Garrett said on Twitter. “I realize my actions were uncalled for and that as players we are held to a higher standard and the chirping from fans is a part of today’s game. I hope he can forgive me.”

Garrett is a player who demonstrates a lot of emotion, whether he’s on the mound or not.

He was suspended seven games last season for his role in a bench-clearing brawl when he was a member of the Cincinnati Reds and they were playing the Chicago Cubs.

In his first season with the Royals, he posted a 4.45 ERA with 34 strikeouts through 41 appearances.

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