MLB All-Star Week was full of historical moments, but one that went under the radar was LA Dodgers star Mookie Betts’ shirt, emblazoned with a message that says, “We Need More Black People At The Stadium.”

When asked about his shirt by reporter Malik Wright, Betts’ response was, “there’s not a lot of Blacks in baseball, so I’m trying to change it.” 

It was definitely an exhale moment for Black baseball fans as the soul patroller addressed a problem that many MLBbros have been tiptoeing around — head on. Betts was a true hero on this day as his shirt spoke loudly to the Black community and Major League Baseball.’s Nick Hamilton clicked a photo of the moment before Malik Wright conducted the interview.

On a lighter note, Betts also spoke about his Dj skills which are becoming legendary throughout the state of California and his favorite rapper. You might be surprised.



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