When the top players in baseball meet for the 92nd MLB All-Star Game on July 19 in Dodger Stadium to find out whether the National League or the American League takes the home-field advantage for the World Series, there will be some MLBbros to cover on this special night.



MLBbro.com will be covering seven players in this celebratory event and one of the more underrated players will definitely be George Springer who was named as a reserve over the weekend. Springer has four selections (two as a starter and two as a reserve) in his career.

The MLBbro has had a bounce-back season after being plagued with injuries last season that limited him to less than 80 games. Springer’s 17 home runs and 80 RBI are one of the bright spots for a Toronto Blue Jays team that is going in the wrong direction in the American League East standings.

They are currently fourth in the division with only two games separating them from the cellar with a fast-approaching Baltimore Orioles team riding an eight-game winning streak.

While the Blue Jays are technically still in the playoff conversation being tied for the third and final Wild Card spot with the Seattle Mariners, losing eight of their last nine games leaves little to be excited about in Toronto.

This is where George Springer comes in. He’s one of the few players on the roster along with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. who commands some headlines. His reputation as one of baseball’s leadoff power hitters is only buoyed by his league-leading eight deposits into the seats this year to lift his career total to 51, fourth in MLB history. His latest episode of lead-off power happened just this past weekend.



With three more lead-off homers, our MLBbro can pass Craig Biggio and Alfonso Soriano for second place with only MLBbro icon Rickey Henderson in front of him. Rickey Henderson’s knack of lead-off homers was epic, even when he did the deed twice in a double header…



George Springer showed a lot of humility after working so hard to get back healthy from the knee issues that slowed his progress. But his plans during the Midsummer Classic are probably more impressive than being voted in by his peers. He plans to mingle with his All-Star brethren to pick up pointers to add to his game via MLB.com.

“I kind of just watch and listen and learn and just see how guys go about things,” Springer said. “When you sit in a locker room with guys like Aaron Judge and Mike Trout and watch them go about their day and you know how they did things, just to see how they navigate it is pretty special.”

“The players play the game and understand what everyone’s pulling through, the highs and the lows and all that stuff,” Springer said.

 Even though our MLBbro is honored to be selected for the All-Star game, he realizes that there is a lot of work to do if the postseason is in the cards for the Toronto Blue Jays via SportsNet.com.

“There’s a lot to be proud of, I think,” he said of this season thus far. “Obviously these last couple of weeks haven’t been the way that I would want them to go. But that’s the game right there. I can be proud of being consistent throughout the year. I still believe I can be a lot better. And hopefully I will.”

The staff at MLBbro.com believes so without a doubt. George Springer’s 51st lead-off home run was shown earlier in this article. Here are the other 50! Congratulations to our MLBbro on his fourth All-Star bid.

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