Jordan Hicks has dealt with his fair share of injuries over the last few years. The St. Louis Cardinals right-handed pitcher with the golden arm, can’t seem to shake the injury bug.

But when he’s healthy and on that mound, you better believe he’s going to bring the heat.

And he did just that last week.

On July 7th, Hicks made an appearance out of the bullpen against the Atlanta Braves and threw a sinker that clocked at 103.8 mph to Marcell Ozuna.


“There were one or two in that at-bat that I did,” Hicks said in an article from on trying to throw harder to Ozuna to record the out. “When I really rear back, sometimes I throw less [mph]. So, I just wanted to locate that down-and-away pitch to him, and I did that.”

While this wasn’t the fastest pitch he’s thrown in his career, it was the fastest pitch this season.

Ironically, he topped his teammate Ryan Helsley, who had the fastest pitch at 103.1 before Hicks delivered his electric pitch. Now we all know that Hicks has an explosive arm and the fact that he continues to display it, even battling through injuries, is amazing.

His fastest pitch of his career topped out at 105 mph back in 2018 against the Philadelphia Phillies.

As a hitter, you have to be ready to pull the trigger soon when you are going up against Hicks. Hicks knows he’s one of the hardest throwing pitchers in the game and he wants to take advantage of that.


MLBbro Jordan Hicks Makes First Start This Weekend | He’s Healthy, Throws 100 MPH In His Sleep, The Future Is Now


“Nobody has beaten my last one, so I still kind of feel like I still had the title, in my eyes,” he said jokingly. “If you are going season by season, then I guess I have it three times. Aroldis has got the No. 1 even though we both went 105 [mph]. When I hit 106 someday, that’s when I’ll be able to claim the real title, but he’s still got it for now.”

The 25-year-old spent a month on the injured list due to a forearm tendon strain and made his return earlier this month.

This season, Hicks has made seven starts, a first for the Texas native who usually came out of the bullpen during his MLB career. 

But he’s recently come out of the bullpen this month and the Cardinals will have options, whether the team wants to use him as a starter or bring him out of the pen. The big thing for Hicks is staying healthy because you do not want an arm like that on the sidelines.



This brother is must-see TV every time goes out there and takes the mound. There are not a lot of pitchers out there who can clock the speeds that Hicks does on a consistent basis.

Just think how much of an impact he can have if he can stay healthy. He is one MLBbro pitcher the competition doesn’t want to face.

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