There was nothing more exciting to the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fanbase than to see their superstar, Mookie Betts back in right field and leading off at the plate Sunday in the series finale against the San Diego Padres.

Not even a 4-2 loss should dampen the enthusiasm based on the outstanding performance of our MLBbro in his first outing since being placed on the injured list with a cracked rib on June 19.

Betts was on fire at the plate going 2-3 with two doubles, and two walks that helped him score the only Los Angeles runs in the game. However, there was a point in the game where it was clear that our MLBbro is not close enough to one hundred percent for the Dodgers to stop worrying.

In the fourth inning, Betts attempted to score off a base hit from Freddie Freeman, but was thrown out at home and Mookie did not try to slide. A definite example of Betts and the organization realizing that he will be picking his spots to ease his way back long-term without aggravating the injury.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are already being proactive in their approach by moving Mookie Betts from the outfield to second base. Yes MLBbro fans, you read it right. Mookie Betts is the second baseman for the present time.

He also played there last year for a spell while he was nursing his body back to health during an injury-riddled season.


After missing 15 games after a collision with center fielder Cody Bellinger, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts initiated that Betts could make the move due to the shorter throws that will require less stress on his rib cage.

For the fans who are still in a state of shock, Betts will be going to a familiar position that he can execute much like the video seen above. Despite being known as an outfielder throughout his MLB career, Mookie spent much of his minor league playing second. He has 182 innings of professional experience in the infield position, with 46 of them coming in the 2021 season.

Mookie Betts shared his feelings about the changes with SportsNet LA’s Kirsten Watson…


When reported that the Dodgers acquired Trayce Thompson to fill in for Betts while he was out, it seemed like a feel-good story considering his brother Klay Thompson had just won the NBA title days prior.


Mookie Betts Injury Shines A Light On Thompson Family Pedigree & The Sports Week To Remember


Now the short-term Thompson signing has turned into a reputable option to help Mookie Betts as he continues to get healthy with hitting splits of .292/.320/.458 in Dodgers blue. Plus Thompson decided to put pressure on the coaching staff with a reminder that he is ready for more responsibilities.



Despite the changes going on in the lineups, the 2018 American League MVP is still solidified as one of the top five players in baseball with a stat line of .278 with 41 RBI and a ridiculous OPS of .895.



With numbers like these, the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to social media asking for votes for this MLBbro is a mere exercise in formality because his roster spot on the All-Star team is already stenciled in!


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