Michigan Wolverines outfielder Clark Elliott burst onto the scene in 2020, one of the new, Black faces of college baseball playing for a Big Ten power team that had just made it to the College World Series final against the Vanderbilt Commodores in 2019. 

Michigan opened the 2020 season against Vanderbilt and Elliott was given his opportunity to shine on a big stage and he didn’t disappoint.

Trailing 3-2 in the eighth inning, Elliott battled back from down in the count to get a huge single, against Vandy’s nearly unhittable closer Tyler Brown. The next batter hit a game-winning two-run homer, and the story of Clark Elliott began.

Elliott’s head coach Erik Baluch knew he had something special in this player and recalls Clark’s memorable first hit fondly.

 “For him to extend the inning like that and not be a typical freshman and try and yank it or swing and miss because he is over swinging. Just to stay neutral and stay in the middle and just take what the elite pitcher on the mound was giving him, and hit a line drive the other way. I just thought to myself, “Yeah that kid is gonna be a special hitter.”



 That moment was the beginning of Elliott becoming a formidable hitter and rising MLB prospect.

 Elliott Is The 64th Ranked Prospect

Baluch’s prediction was spot on and over the next few seasons Elliott played himself into the top 75 MLB prospects for the 2022 MLB Draft which takes place July 17-19. Currently, the 64th-ranked prospect, it’s his combination of speed and power that excites MLB franchises.

 Bakich believes that is what sets him apart as a hitter, his bat velocity and power.

 “He’s a combination of speed and power. His best skill is just the ability to hit the ball hard and hit the ball often. He is a proven hitter, he’s done it in the Big Ten, he’s done it in the Cape Cod League. As a prospect there’s not a whole lot of guess work with him. He has proved himself at the collegiate level. It is very easy to look at a kid like that and to think he could move quickly through an (MLB) organization and hit his way to the big leagues.”


 Elliott Made All Big Ten

Elliott was dynamite in his junior season. He led the Wolverines in batting average (.346), runs (61), extra-base hits (29), home runs (12), RBIs (58), OPS (1.078), and walks (43). Elliott also ranked second in stolen bases with (15).

Now Elliott will likely hear his name called early in the three-day draft festivities schedule for the middle of the month. Whatever team lands this elite talent is getting a quality young man first of all, but also one who loves the game of baseball.



There are many teams that would love to draft a quality hitting prospect like Elliott, and he is certainly a future MLBbro. 

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