Michael Brantley is picking up where he left off last season. The 14-year veteran has been a spark for the Houston Astros at the plate since he joined the team. His consistency and mechanical mastery at the dish earned him the nickname, “The Professional.” 

And this season, he’s still showing why he’s one of the best hitters in the game. 

Through 24 games, Brantley is leading the team in batting average (.278) and hits (27). A big reason the Astros wanted to go after Brantley after the 2018 season was because of his ability to hit. Our MLBbro has not disappointed at all and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down at the plate.

This season, Brantley has had numerous clutch hits, just like he has throughout his career.


On May 7, the Astros trailed the Detroit Tigers 2-1 in the eighth inning. With the game on the line, Brantley was calm, cool, and collected as he hit a triple to score Jose Altuve and tie the game.

Brantley would later come in to score to give the Astros the lead and secure the win. He was pleased with how his team fought in that game against the Tigers.

“Tip your cap, but at the same time, this lineup’s always going to fight to the end,” Brantley told the Houston Chronicle. “We got a great group of guys that work hard to grind out at-bats and put up good at-bats over and over and over. So it’s not necessarily how you draw it up, but we’ll take the win.”

“I just think we’re playing as a team,” he said. “Our pitching staff is carrying us, but we’re actually getting some good knocks and some big hits at the times that we need it for this win streak.”

The confidence that this brother has at the plate is amazing. He’s that player that you always want in your lineup because you know he’s going to make the most of his at-bats each and every time he steps in that box.

His presence in the lineup affects the entire team in a positive way. If the Astros find themselves struggling at the plate, Brantley is the guy that can change the whole dynamic of the offense. 

This season, he has eight multi-hit games and was recently riding a four-game hitting streak. 

Houston is a team that can make some noise going into the postseason and Brantley does not shy away from the big stage.

The numbers speak for themselves when talking about how good of a hitter Brantley is. When his career is over, he will always be considered as one of the top hitters in the game. 

And a big reason why he’s the best of the best is the work he puts in during the offseason. Let’s be real, one of the hardest things to do in baseball is hit a ball.

You never know what pitch is coming or how hard it is going to come at you. 

But Brantley makes it look easy out there and he’s going to continue to have success this season at the plate because he’s a professional hitter.

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