At 5-foot-7, Tony Kemp can go out there and play with the best. That is why he’s had success during his time in the MLB and why he has a World Series ring.

And this brother continues to prove why he deserves to be in the league.

Kemp Is off to a hot start in his seventh season. Through 12 games, he’s hitting .293 with two RBI and two stolen bases. He’s also flashing leather.

In his third season with the Oakland Athletics, he’s second on the team in batting average and has been one of the top players to start the season.

He’s been the guy at the top of the A’s lineup that sets the tone.

And that’s what the team has been looking for.  A part starter who gets on base and keeps the lineup moving.

He can hit for contact and when he gets on base, opponents have to keep a close eye on him because of his speed.

In an article from the San Francisco Chronicle, A’s manager, Mark Kotsay, gave Kemp high praise for his play at the start of the season.

“I think Tony’s done a great job,” Kotsay said last week. “I think you look at Tony’s on-base percentage, his at-bats, the way he conducted them last year and into spring training now in this short period of time, he’s definitely a guy that I can see in that position going forward. But again, we do still have a lot of competition, and we’re going to continue to assess it.”

Kemp is showing why he deserves to be the starter for the A’s.

In the article from the San Francisco Chronicle, Kemp talked about going on a trip to New York before the season last year and working on his hitting.

“What I got out of that trip is understanding how to use my body more,” Kemp said. “I know I have good hands when I hit. But understanding how to put my body in the right position and where to fire from.”

It looks like that trip has certainly paid off for Kemp as he had a strong finish to last season and is now carrying that over into this season.

Since joining the A’s in 2020, Kemp has found a way to have himself inserted in the lineup.

One thing about him, he’s going to put in the work on and off the field. He wants to get better each day and wants to put his team in a position to win games and have success.

Tony Kemp Is Showing Us Why It’s Skills Over Size In MLB

How can you not like someone like Kemp?

This brother can have a long career playing this game at a high-level. The A’s have a gem in Kemp and this will be a big season for our brother out there on the West coast.

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