“Is Dusty a magician?”

That was the question MLB Network Reporter Heidi Watney asked Houston Astros slumping third baseman Alex Bregman after manager Dusty Baker dropped him in the batting order with the team facing elimination in Game 5 of the 2021 World Series.

Bregman responded:”Dusty’s the man. It was a great team effort all the way around. We found a way to win and now we’re going back home.”

The Astros have been struggling offensively in this series, but Dusty Baker’s magic touch produced nine runs and hits all throughout the lineup.

Carlos Correa and Yuli Gurriel both had three hits in the 9-5 Astros victory. The Stros gave up a grand slam early to fall behind 4-0. Then the bats started bussin’ and the rest is history. On to Texas!

MLBbro.com’s Rob Parker and Dante Miles were live at Truist Park in Atlanta.



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