Mookie Betts is getting ready for his fifth postseason appearance and second straight appearance with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Over the past few years, Betts has become a prominent player in the league and someone who a lot of people respect on and off the field.

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It’s very hard not to like Betts. You can always catch him with a smile on his face whether he’s playing or doing something outside of baseball. Betts recently did something that just made him more likable throughout all of sports.The Dodgers were playing the Cincinnati Reds on September 19th and as usual, Betts was starting that game playing right field.

That day was a special moment for one of the Reds’ players. Reds rookie TJ Friedl hit his first big league home run during the game. It was a blast to right field and we all know when a rookie gets his first hit or home run, you want to get that ball.

“I remember running at third and heading home to really live in that moment and just embrace everything going on. That’s a one-time thing,” Friedl said. “You’ll never get that back. You never get your first hit back. For that hit to be a home run, it’s so meaningful. I didn’t black out. I remember all of it. I tried to take it in as much as possible.”

So what did Betts do?

Without any hesitation, Betts jogged to the outfield and asked the fan for the ball. 

The fan gave the ball to Betts and he threw it into the Reds dugout.

“I just asked him for the ball. I just told him kind of through sign language,” Betts said after the game. “I just said, ‘I’ll throw it back?’ He didn’t hesitate. He threw it right away.”

That’s not all the five-time All-Star did. When the inning was over, he went back out and gave the fan one of his bats.

Now Betts did not have to do that, but he wanted to thank the fan for agreeing to give the ball to Friedl. That fan had no idea he would receive a bat from Betts, but when he did, he was all smiles. 

“That’s just first class. It’s incredible,” Freidl said. “For him to do something like that, it’s definitely just world-class out of him. I want to go over there and just say thank you in person. Thank you is all I can really say because it means so much. Just to get that ball back, for it to be my first home run, just for him to know that and turn around to the fan.”

Betts always shows professionalism when he steps on that field. He’s that player who enjoys interacting with fans whether he’s playing at Dodgers Stadium or at a different park. Our MLBbro shows respect on and off the field and he always carries himself well.

Betts is someone who the younger generation looks up to and he will continue to be that guy throughout the remainder of his career.

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