Milwaukee Brewers centerfielder Lorenzo Cain is apparently feeling as good as he has felt all season. The Brewers’ veteran center fielder missed most of Spring Training with a right quadriceps strain which set him back to open the season. Cain made it through just two weeks in April before straining his other quadriceps, landing him on the injured list for another 2½ weeks.

He was back for only a month when he suffered a significant right hamstring strain that put him out of action with the Brewers for nearly two months. If the Brewers hope to duplicate what their NBA counterparts did by bringing a World Championship   back to the land of brats and beer then this Black Knight will be asked to channel his championship clutch gene for a march through October.

In this edition of “The Push Back,” Assistant Managing Editor Mark Gray analyzes what role Cain will play on a team that looks to be flying under the radar as they try to make a “sneaky” run at the National League pennant.




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