Tim Anderson does not need to play another game this regular season. The Chicago White Sox need to save their star player for the postseason

Chicago White is without star player Tim Anderson, but the All-Star shortstop is showing signs of improvement while he’s on the injured list.

There’s no timetable on Anderson’s return and the White Sox want to be as cautious as possible going into the postseason.

 “We know what the ultimate goal is. We know what we’re trying to do,” Anderson told NBC Sports Chicago.

“We’re trying to get healthy and come back as quick as I can, but also be 100 percent and be smart about it and know when to go.”


Tim Anderson’s Coming Out Party on Baseball’s Field Of Dreams

Over the last few years, Anderson has become the face of the White Sox. He has stepped into that leadership role and has not looked back.

Though we don’t like them, injuries are a part of the game and Anderson can’t quite figure out what the injury is.

“I don’t know what it is, to be honest,” Anderson said Wednesday in Oakland. “It’s really just soreness. I know you’re tired of hearing that, but you know, that’s just what it is, really. I feel like it’s going away. Hopefully I can get back in there pretty soon.”


“It kind of flared back up when we played against the Cubs. … I was just sore every morning. But I feel good now. Every day has been getting better. Being able to move around a little bit more the way that I want to.”

Should the White Sox shut down the star shortstop?

Why not, they have nothing to lose and they are already going to win the American League Central Division.

If you’re the White Sox, you want to be at full strength going into the postseason, and if that means shutting down your star player until the end of the season, then so be it.

Anderson has had an impressive season. He made his first All-Star team this year and has a .302 batting average with 14 home runs, 53 RBI, and 17 stolen bases through 108 games.

It’s time to pull the plug on our MLBbro for the regular season. The White Sox can’t risk losing him and have him miss any portion of the playoffs.

Last season, Anderson went off in the postseason, despite the White Sox losing to the Oakland Athletics in the American League Wild Card Series.

Anderson hit .643 during that series with a .786 slugging percentage. The White Sox will need Anderson to have another performance like that in the postseason, but he can’t do that if he’s hurt.

That’s why he needs to rest up and get himself ready for October. There’s no question he’ll be good to go when October rolls around and he’ll be ready to help lead his team to a World Series appearance.

If Anderson does come back before the playoffs, don’t be surprised if he’s used sparingly.

The White Sox say they will do everything they can to make sure he’s  good come playoff time.

if they aren’t shutting him down, then what are we really talking about ?



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