By Devon POV Mason | Shadow League Reporter 


After bringing the city of Milwaukee it’s first championship since 1971, NBA star  will hope to do the same for the Milwaukee Brewers as a part-owner.

The “Greek Freak” becomes the franchise’s first new investor in 17 years.

The Bucks superstar is purchasing a partial stake in Milwaukee’s MLB team. It’s a move that follows steps taken by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Both league MVPs bought a share of MLB teams under similar circumstances.

Months after Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP, he bought a partial stake in the Kansas City Royals.

Move Over Patrick Mahomes, Brandon Bellamy Is The Only Black Majority Owner In Pro Baseball

Like Mahomes, Antetokounmpo becames a becomes a part-owner of the MLB team in his city right after breaking a historic drought to bring a title back to the fan base.

He signed a $228 million supermax extension in December, after some contentious months in the “Cream City” where they didn’t know if he’d agree to stay following back-to-back playoff exits without making the Finals, despite boasting the league’s best record in both seasons.

The deal made him one of the highest-paid players in league history.

The Brewers’ estimated team value is $1.22 billion, the seventh-lowest mark in MLB.

But the figure marked a 2% value increase from the previous season, despite MLB losing significant revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the “Brew Crew” firmly in the hunt for a World Series title, there’s a chance that Antetokounmpo’s investment pays off very quickly.


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