Detroit Tigers outfielder Derek “Thrill” Hill has made the most of his opportunity after being recalled from Triple-A Toledo for the second time this season.

The Tigers recalled Hill on July 16 and Hill has given the team a reason to keep him on board.

Hill recently achieved a memorable accomplishment.

On August 8, the Tigers took on the Cleveland Indians. 

On the mound for the Indians was Zach Plesac. It was the top of the second inning with two runners on and two outs and Hill was up to bat.

Hill connected on a two-strike pitch that left the yard and what made it special was that it was the first home run of his career.



It doesn’t get much better than that, your first home run is not a solo shot, but a bomb with runners on.

You could see the joy in Hill as he rounded those bases and headed into the dugout. And his teammates were excited to see him go yard.

That’s something he will always remember, He had to flex one time and show that he has some pop in that bat of his.

Hill joined the team for the first time in June and immediately showed flashes of being a dual threat with a promising future.

Since the season started, the Tigers have dealt with injuries, especially in the outfield.

There have been many different rotations in the outfield and Hill is making sure that he is producing each game that he’s playing.

Hill had an impressive month of July after rejoining the Tigers. Through 14 games in July he hit .286 with 12 hits, eight runs scored, and two RBI.


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While he has not been an everyday starter, Hill has made an impact being on the team. 

The 25-year-old has faced some adversity this season when he suffered a shoulder sprain colliding with a wall back in June.

But that did not stop our MLBbro from getting back to the field and performing at a high level.

The former first round pick has done nothing but tear it up in the minors this season and now he’s looking to do that in the majors.

Before being recalled in July, Hill hit .320 with four home runs and 15 RBI in 33 games down in Toledo.

With those numbers, the Tigers had no choice but to give him an opportunity. Now that he’s in the Motor City, he’s hitting .260 with 20 hits and eight RBI through 27 games.

Every time he steps on that field, Hill is being evaluated and he knows that he has to continue to play out of his mind if he wants to remain on the team throughout the season.

As things stand, he has a good chance of finishing the season in a Tigers’ uniform.

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