Akil Baddoo and Cedric Mullins are two brothers that have had a lot of success so far during the 2021 season.

Our two MLBbros have made a name for themselves and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

While Baddoo is enjoying a memorable rookie season with the Detroit Tigers, Mullins is letting the league know why he was named to his first All-Star Game playing with the Baltimore Orioles.

These two have been playing at a high-level long before they became big league players.

They also have a special relationship with each other. Baddoo and Mullins were on the same travel ball team in Atlanta.

Recently, the two had the opportunity to share the field as the Orioles traveled to Detroit to take on the Tigers.

The teams had a four-game series from July 29-August 1. It was a reunion for our two MLBbros, but it wasn’t the first time the two talked during the season.

“Growing up with him and seeing how he goes about baseball, he just plays 110% every day,” Baddoo told the Detroit Free Press. “He’s somebody I always looked up to, so it’s always fun to play against him and see us at the highest level competing. It’s just a beautiful thing.”

You love to see two players who grew up playing together having success at the professional level. 

That is what this sport needs, more brothers excelling on the field. This season many of our MLBbros have been thriving on the field and it’s good for the younger kids to watch these guys ball out.

Baddoo is one of the young guys and he’s been looking up to Mullins for a while.

“I always want to be my own person, but it’s just having someone to look up to and having someone to talk to about the game, “Baddoo said. “He’s been there, and he’s doing it right now. It’s always good to go to him for advice so I can translate that over to my career and do the same kind of things.”

Numbers don’t lie and these two have been killing it this season. Baddoo is in the running for American League Rookie of the Year.



Through 89 games, the 22-year-old is hitting .264 with 10 home runs, 43 RBI, and 14 stolen bases. He’s been a spark in the Tigers’ lineup consistently and he’s a fun player to watch.

Mullins has been on a role all season and there’s a reason he played in the All-Star Game this season. 

He’s been the face of the Orioles this season and through 105 games he’s hit .323 with 18 home runs and 37 RBI.



It’s not often that someone who grew up playing the same sport together makes it to the professional level and the fact that Mullins and Baddoo are doing it, let’s you know that it can be done.

And they’re not the only ones, either.

Tigers’ manager A.J.Hinch complimented Baddoo’s game along with Mullins.

“Akil should look right across the field and see exactly the type of potential he has at this level,” Hinch said after the series between the two teams. “Mullins has developed into an All-Star player. He demonstrates that nightly. He’s a threat, he plays good defense, he’s got energy, he runs the bases, he conceded power yesterday for a couple base hits to left field. He is an all-around player.

“Akil has got some friends around the league that are already established. Hopefully, he can take bits and pieces from everybody that he has connections to, and certainly profiles like, and add to his game.”

Baddoo and Mullins will have long careers and don’t be surprised if they continue to have successful seasons.

Our MLBbros are here to stay!

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