FS1 personality and MLBbro.com CEO Rob Parker and some friends were enjoying a great evening at Nationals Park when gunshots went off and all hell broke loose.

Parker called MLBbro managing editor JR Gamble from a small room closet in the stadium and reported that he believed someone was shooting in the stadium and it sounded like a machine gun.

Gamble asked him how someone got a gun on the stadium and Rob whispered β€œI don’t know.”

During the call, you could hear people yelling, “Lock the door.”



The game was suspended and once Rob and his friends were able to locate each other and get out of the stadium safely, Parker posted this video.


Once the drama cleared, it was confirmed by DC Police Department that two people were shot outside of the stadium. MPD responded to a shooting in the 1500 block of South Capitol Street, SW and also confirmed the shooting.

Later reports came in that four people were shot, none were immediately reported to be deceased.

An investigation is currently underway, but we are thankful that no one was injured. What a scary moment.

Here’s some footage captured from inside the stadium while Rob Parker was trapped inside with other fans



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