Andrew McCutchen has done a complete 360 this season. The Philadelphia Phillies veteran outfielder has stepped up in a big way recently and has been one of the top hitters on the team. 

As of a couple of hours ago, the former NL MVP is still raking. 



“I told you, I like him in the RBI situations because I think he’s really good in those at-bats because he’s done it so much in his career,” Phillies manager Joe Girardi told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “I don’t think he tries to do too much. He’s patient and knows how to work counts and find a pitch to hit.”

McCutchen is letting people know that he still can make an impact out there and that he is not shying away from the big moment. One thing that McCutchen made sure he wasn’t going to do was to focus on his slump earlier in the season.

He continued to push past that and the success started to come for the five-time All-Star.

McCutchen recently had his third three-hit performance of the 2021 season on July 5th against the Chicago Cubs. 

Our MLBbro went 3-for-5 that game with two doubles, an RBI, and two runs scored. The former NL MVP has been seeing the ball really well lately and has contributed in a big way to the Phillies offense.


McCutchen’s teammates have always believed in him this season, even when he wasn’t that productive at the plate. 

“He’s been able to stick with his approach since opening day,” Rhys Hoskins said. “He’s always been able to get on base, he’s really been doing that all year. Everyone that knows him and has been around him, knew at some point that the bat was going to come around. He’s done it his whole career. It’s really cool to see him go on the run that he’s on now.”

Going into June, McCutchen had a .201 batting average. At the end of June, his batting average jumped to .231.

This 34-year-old continues to quiet those who doubted him, starting with his original team, the Pittsburgh Pirates who dumped McCutchen after nine years and leading them from baseball’s Saigon to a playoff contender.  In fact, McCutchen hit a career-high 28 bombs in his final season with the Pirates. But that’s all water under the bridge now — same as his brief stints with the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees. 

He’s finally feeling frisky in Philly. 

Through 77 games, he’s batting .234 with 13 home runs and 42 RBI. McCutchen is second on the team in RBI and third in home runs. 

Cutch has provided the leadership that the Phillies need and a whole vibe, that is contagious throughout the clubhouse.

McCutchen is the consummate pro and knows when to have fun with his teammates and knows when it’s time to be serious.



He’s in his third season with the Phillies and he has become a fan favorite since joining the team. 

McCutchen may be in his 30s but this man can still ball at a high level. He can still go out there and track the ball with the best of them in the outfield while demonstrating impressive power from the right side of the dish. 

If you’re a pitcher and you make a mistake against McCutchen, just know that he will make you pay. 

Nothing much has changed. He’s still eating out here. 

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