Tim Anderson is the coolest Bro in the game. And here’s proof.

On Saturday, his White Sox will give away his bat flip bobblehead which captured the most iconic moments of his career.

This isn’t the first time Chi-Town’s Sox honored the former batting champion with his own bobblehead doll. 


However, this one represents the true essence of  Anderson and his cultural impact on the sport. 

With a runner on second, two outs, full count in a tied game in the fourth inning, the stage was set for one of the more generational-changing moments in recent baseball history. 

Anderson stood in the box and absolutely exploded on Royals’ pitcher Brad Keller’s fastball and sent it to the stands in deep left field.  He knew it was gone immediately and as he stared the ball down, he backpedaled and threw his bat down the third baseline.



This moment may be light to some, but baseball players usually decide to quietly celebrate their on-the-field success, suppressing bursts of emotion that may be boiling inside of them. leaving them as they rounded the bases.  

Not Anderson. Not then and not now.  Since then, many in the league have followed his lead. Home run celebrations seem to be a competition now.  From golf carts in the dugouts to huge gold chains and dance routines. 



Don’t get it twisted, and never forget, Anderson is the Bat-Flip OG.

The bat flip bobblehead was originally supposed to be released May 30, 2020, in a game against the Minnesota Twins but was postponed due to Covid.

This year, White Sox fans will get to grab their TA bobblehead this Saturday as he will match up against one of the game’s best center fielders in MLBbro Cedric Mullins and his Baltimore Orioles.  Anderson and Mullins currently sit 26th and 27th in batting average at .296 and .294 respectively.

T.A. has been one of the top all-around ballers this season.  He ranks second in fielding percentage for all American League shortstops and is third in batting average for shortstops across the league — and No. 1 in sauce. 



Anderson has already caught a few victims with the bat flip this season.  He has five home runs through the first three months, his biggest being a grand slam off fellow MLBbro Triston Mckenzie.  He also caught Twins’ pitcher Michael Pineda lacking when he blasted his first pitch of the game for a leadoff home run.

Anderson and his White Sox have a huge interleague test this week when the St. Louis Cardinals and Black Ace hopeful Jack Flaherty fly to the Chi.

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