Amber Sabathia has been making power moves alongside the greatest Black pitcher of our generation for the last 20 years. Now, she’ll get a chance to shine on her own after joining the Creative Artists Agency as a baseball agent.

Throughout their 19-year marriage, Amber has been a major part of CC’s Hall of fame career, including helping to run the many foundations he was involved in throughout his career.  On Tuesday morning, she announced on her Twitter page that she would be joining the CAA sports team as a baseball agent.



They have four children together, and On Tuesday morning, she announced on her Twitter page that she would be joining the CAA Sports team. 

The CAA baseball organization has more than 200 clients.  The roster of talent includes three MVPs, four Cy Young award winners, seven Rookie-of-the-Year award winners, 25 Silver Sluggers and 22 Gold Gloves. 

Since its inception, the division has totaled around $4.1 billion worth of contracts.  Some of their clients include two-way player Shohei Ohtani, Jack Flaherty, Marcell Ozuna and Hunter Greene, who is one of the top prospects in the Cincinnati Reds organization.


Amber is the cofounder of PitCCh in Foundation which is an organization that works to improve the lives of kids in the inner cities.  It was reported that she interviewed with four other agencies before deciding to join the CAA.

Black Ace CC is known as an OG throughout the league, and his wife is one as well as she has been at his side for the last 20 years.  To go along with having 251 career wins and 3,093 strikeouts, he is the current Vice President of the Players Alliance, which is in its second year.   

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Recently, more than 200 players involved in the organization decided to donate their game-day salaries on Jackie Robinson Day.  



Post-retirement, CC talks all-things-baseball, and occasionally other sports, on his podcast, R2C2 with co-host, Ryan Ruocco. He’s also made a few appearances on MLB Network, breaking down live games.

“I’ve dedicated my whole life to the game of baseball.  Nobody has been more supportive and influential than Amber.  So proud of this next chapter for you.  If you need me, I’ll be in full-time dad mode on the golf course with some Jordans on, she’s built for this!” said CC on his Twitter page.

There’s also another member of the Sabathia family who needs a shoutout from the Bro’s.  

Yesterday Amber posted a video of Carsten, one of their four children, who went 2-4 in a win for Bergen Catholic High School, while making plays with the glove along with his bat.  Looks like mom has a future client in the wings. 



We at MLB Bro congratulate Amber Sabathia on her new role and wish her nothing but the best!  It is important to get more black women involved in baseball and she will be a big part in representing them.

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