Ke’Bryan Hayes’ season started with a bang as he hit a home run on Opening Day to commemorate the launch of Not really, but that would have been something. He did become just the second Pirates rookie to homer on Opening Day, joining Johnny Ray who did it in 1982. 


The baseball world anxiously anticipated seeing Hayes, who tore it up, hitting .367 with 6 homers in 90 at-bats during the COVID season, carry the Black and Yellow on his talented back in 2021.  

The Son of Charlie is the only thing worth watching in Pittsburgh as the Pirates attempt to rebuild. 

The town was in a frenzy when he set off the season with fireworks. Then went into a total funk just as quickly, when the young third baseman suffered a wrist injury and had to leave the game. 

That was 17 games ago and the 9-10 Pirates have actually done a decent job treading water in his absence. The team’s success has heightened the enthusiasm around Bryant’s return even more. Pittsburgh is a franchise that some could say is cursed in many ways. Hard to argue that. But they’ve been able to accumulate some solid talent in the minors that they hope will pay dividends in the future. 

The Pirates don’t suck, but I wouldn’t say that they are on a streak of good luck either because just as soon as Hayes was supposed to return, the 24-year-old reaggravated his wrist injury when taking swings as part of his rehab work. He’s headed back to Pittsburgh to have the injury re-evaluated.

Don’t Even Watch Pirates Games For The Next 10 Days…Ke’Bryan Hayes Is Hurt


This means that Hayes won’t return anytime soon and that’s a bummer for Pittsburgh who was actually overachieving so far this season and needed their best player to return now.

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