Can MLBbro Tommy Pham Save Season For Cincinnati Reds?

Can MLBbro Tommy Pham Save Season For Cincinnati Reds?

When the Cincinnati Reds signed MLBbro Tommy Pham to a contract less than two weeks before the season started, the plan was clear for the 34-year-old veteran.

This season was considered a “Revenge Tour” to show the rest of the baseball world what they missed out on.

His interview with left very little to the imagination.

“I am going to approach this season as a revenge tour. I’m playing to get my numbers, man. I’m being dead honest with you. There is nothing selfish about it. In the past I put up some really good seasons,” Pham said.

“I’m playing to get some numbers. I don’t care about anything else. I’m looking out for me. At the end of the day, baseball is going to move on without me. I have to get mine right now,”

“I’m going to get the opportunity to play. I’m going to try to get mine,” he said.

After a slow start at the plate, Pham has emerged as Cincinnati’s most consistent offensive weapon as of late. Overcoming an 0-23 start was key. Pham has recovered to raise his batting average to .211 with three homers and 15 RBI. He had a 10-day stretch with slashes of .303 / .378 / .636.


However, Pham’s efforts may get lost in the overall team’s 3-19 start which is historically one of the worst in MLB history. Cincinnati’s 3-18 April has them connected with the 1988 Baltimore Orioles who started their season with a 21-game losing streak, and a list of baseball teams that existed in the 1800s.

That list includes the 1899 Cleveland Spiders, a team that many believe is the worst professional baseball team in history at 20-134. The overall team struggles also remind many baseball purists of the 1962 New York Mets team that lost 120 games, which is the modern-day record for futility.

When the Reds signed Pham to a one-year, $7.5 million deal, they were counting on finding one of the game’s diamonds in the rough when he posted a .284 /.381 /.475 slash line with averages of 22 homers and stolen bases in the 2017-19 seasons.

With a good eye at the plate to draw walks, he was a productive offensive player with St. Louis, Tampa Bay and San Diego.

In the outfield, the Reds need our MLBbro to fill in the gaps left with the departures of right fielder, Nick Castellanos and left fielder, Jesse Winker.

Tommy Pham came into this season a career .265 hitter with 97 homers and 300 RBI. Pham is definitely looking for a season like he had in 2017, when he deposited 23 balls into the seats with 73 RBI with some fine glove work in the field.

Pham A Solid Piece For Winning Team

If the Reds continue to slide, don’t worry too much about this MLBbro because if Pham continues to perform well at the plate, he will be a viable trade candidate for a playoff contender.

Tommy Pham Says He Only Cares About His Numbers| A 1-for-26 Start’s Not What The MLBbro Had In Mind

Tommy Pham Says He Only Cares About His Numbers| A 1-for-26 Start’s Not What The MLBbro Had In Mind

Tommy Pham has never been the type of player to hold his tongue. So when reporters asked the Cincinnati Reds outfielder what his goals were for the upcoming 2022 season, Pham had no issue saying exactly what was on his mind.

“I’m playing to get some numbers, I don’t care about anything else,” the outspoken Pham told reporters. “I got to look out for me. At the end of the day baseball is going to move on without me. I got to get mine right now.”

A few years ago, this statement would have sounded absurd coming from Tommy.

Fresh off three consecutive 20-homer seasons, Pham was traded to San Diego and considered a key part of their young exciting ball club.

Unfortunately for Pham, when the games started to matter in San Diego, he struggled. Combine his below average play–he hit .229 with 15 homers and 49 RBI–with an unfortunate stabbing incident, and his once bright career seems to be quickly declining.

But don’t tell that to Tommy.

“It’s easy to say my best days are behind me.” Pham said. “But from an athletic standpoint, physically I can still run and I still have my athleticism there when we tested it this offseason. So I’m still expecting big things from myself within this game. So this is a big year for me to prove it to myself as well.”

When he joined the Cincinnati Reds this season, the nine-year veteran expected to prove everyone wrong, and his me-first approach didn’t sound like such a bad idea if his production helped the Reds win some games. A solid season would probably score him a nice bag. However, a 1 for 26 start at the plate and a minuscule .038 batting average isn’t exactly what Pham had in mind.

“Yeah, I’m frustrated, man,” Pham said. “Frustrated. I just have to swing at strikes, put better swings on the ball and I’ll be all right.”

If Pham is going to be rewarded for a bounce back season, chances are it won’t be in Cincinnati. While the Reds are one of the staple franchises in MLB history, Cincinnati hasn’t won a playoff series since 1995 and have only five winning seasons since Bob Castellini’s ownership group purchased the team in 2006.

Fresh off the start of another rebuild, big money investments aren’t high on the Red’s to-do list. Fans who’ve voiced their displeasure with the ownership group were enraged even more by the comments of Team President Phil Castellini before the home opener.

“Well, where are you going to go? Let’s start there,” a defiant Phil Castellini told Cincinnati radio.“Let’s start there… If you want to look at what would you do with this team to have it be more profitable, make more money, compete more in the current economic system that this game exists? It would be to pick it up and move it somewhere else.”

Castellini tried to walk back these comments, but for many the damage has already been done.

Now many will ask why does this matter if Pham is more concerned with his financial future than winning a World Series? Simply put, if Tommy expects to receive one last payday, he’ll probably have to set his sights beyond Cincy.

I find it hard to believe that an ownership group who has publicly complained about the current economic system in baseball–aka paying players their market value–would be willing to give a player headed into his 10th season a big contract.

Fortunately for Pham, he’s not looking for somewhere to spend the twilight of his career being praised before riding off into the sunset. He just wants to get paid.

#HIGHFIVE | Top 5 MLBbros (Week 13)

#HIGHFIVE | Top 5 MLBbros (Week 13)

Cedric Mullins of the Baltimore Orioles has been one of the most underrated players in the Majors this season, but during Week 13, he finally got the recognition he deserved.

Mullins was named an All Star finalist for the American League outfield and celebrated by posting a .444 average over his last seven games with a three game sweep of the first place Houston Astros.

For his accomplishments, the Orioles outfielder takes the top spot on this week’s #HighFive list.

1. Cedric “CM STORM”  Mullins


Cedric Mullins was one of six MLBbros to be named a finalist to start in the 2021 All Star game in Denver, Colorado.

Houston Astros outfielder Michael Brantley and NY Yankees slugger Aaron Judge were also finalists for the three American League spots as well as Byron Buxton who is injured.



After having back-to-back games with two home runs during Week 12, Mullins showed off the speed faze of his game this week.

He stole three bases, scored five runs and hit three doubles on his way to a .444 batting average and a .667 slugging percentage.

Mullins led off Tuesday’s game with a home run on the second pitch of the game.

That night he was 4-for-5 with a home run, double, two RBI and a walk as his Orioles crushed the Astros 13-3 on their way to sweeping the three-game set.



Mullins is fourth in the league in total hits and eighth in batting average.  He travels to the sunshine state this weekend for a series against J-Up and the Los Angeles Angels.


2. Trent Grisham


For bringing Slam Diego to the city of Cincinnati, Trent Grisham takes the No.2 spot on this week’s #HighFive.

Wednesday night’s game only lasted six innings after it was cut short due to rain,  yet Grisham still managed to hit two home runs including a grand slam in the 5th inning to give his Padres a 7-5 lead.



Over the past week, Grisham is batting .391 with a crazy .870 slugging percentage.

He also hit three doubles in Sunday’s 5-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Grisham has been an important piece in one of the most exciting lineups in baseball this season.

He is batting .281 with 10 home runs and 30 RBI.  This weekend he will look to bring Slam Diego to Philadelphia as he takes on Andrew McCuthen and the Phillies.

3. Tommy Pham

The other half of the MLB bro’s in San Diego takes the three spot on this week’s #HighFive.

Tommy Pham has become accustomed to wearing the Padres swag chain.

He launched a home run in back-to-back games on Monday and Tuesday as he ended the week with three bangers. 


This week Pham is batting .360 with three home runs, five RBI, eight runs, three steals and four walks.

His all-around game is exciting crowd-captivating.


Pham has batted in the leadoff spot in 34 games this season and has hit four home runs. That is tied for third in all of baseball. 



He will look to add on to his five-game hitting streak this weekend in Philadelphia.

4. Josh Bell

Josh Bell got off to a slow start during his first season in the Nation’s Capital, like a lot of his Nationals teammates did.

But he is starting to find his stride and it has shown at the plate in recent weeks.  Since June 16th he has 13 runs batted in and has hit three home runs, including a grand slam in a wild game last week against Philadelphia.

It came an inning after opposing MLBbro Andrew McCutchen hit a grand slam for the Phillies. 

Over his last seven games Bell has driven in 11 runs, hit two home runs and recorded four walks.  



He begins a four game set Thursday against All Star hopeful Mookie Betts and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

5. Jazz Chisolhm Jr.


Sweet Jazz Music was blasting in the Miami air this weekend after he led off Saturday and Sunday’s games with leadoff triples.


He was named our Home Boi Highlight after going 5-for-12 with a .417 average, four RBI and one home run over the weekend against the Washington Nationals.

Chisholm has hits in six straight games and is batting .280 with four runs, four RBI and a double during that span.

Chisholm and the Marlins will travel to Hotlanta this weekend for a series against their National League East rival, the Braves.

Tommy Pham’s Bat Is Wide Awake & Just In Time To Keep The Padres In The Race

Tommy Pham’s Bat Is Wide Awake & Just In Time To Keep The Padres In The Race

Tommy Pham is doing everything in his power to keep the San Diego Padres in contention. 

Over his last 10 games, Pham has affected the boxscore in every way possible. Not only is he hitting .375 (15-40) while scoring 10 runs and knocking in 3 runs and hitting a couple of homers. He’s also coaxed 4 walks and even swiped 2 bags. 

He’s definitely in a soul brother show-glow-groove. 

But like all quality ballplayers, Tommy knows he can do more.



“The only thing missing from my game is the consistency with the power,” he told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I’m still working on it. Power comes in bunches. But also, there is a consistency element to it as well. I always feel I want to leave a series with one or two extra-base hits.”

While Pham has only hit 6 home runs so far, his recent offensive explosion hit the breaks on an early-season skid that had him looking like a shell of himself. 

“Everyone has a bad 150 at-bats, mine just happened in April. So now I’ve got to do everything I can to make everything level out. It’s a frustrating game. You can do everything right and still not reap the benefits of it.”

This offseason, that last sentence almost came to fruition for Pham in the worst way possible. According to San Diego Police, eyewitness reports say Pham was attacked after asking two strangers involved in an argument near his car to move. 

The stab wound was not life-threatening, but lately, fans have made it difficult to put the incident behind him. Pham has noticed an increase in fan rowdiness and has even had his offseason assault used to taunt him.

“Fans have been very disrespectful this year,” Pham said. “I need to talk to the MLB. The vulgarity this year, the gestures, I’ve never seen it at this level. I want to know if this is just because fans have been gone for a year and now they’re back and acting a certain way. That (stuff) shouldn’t be tolerated.”

Pham makes a great point mentioning the fact fans have been away from the ballpark, and recent incidents across sports have seen fans acting out in an unusually bold manner. But while the hiatus may have indeed fueled what’s happening, we cannon write this off as typical “fan behavior”.

Still, the negative doesn’t stop Pham from contributing to everything that makes the sport of baseball great for the community.



The MLB released a statement emphatically denouncing any inappropriate behavior by fans, so hopefully going forward we will see fans being ejected and banned for fan abuse.

You’ll never silence every critic, but if Pham keeps hitting like this, there won’t be much to trash him about.