“Fly Tai” Walker Is Back To The Hill Again, Rounding Into All-Star Form

“Fly Tai” Walker Is Back To The Hill Again, Rounding Into All-Star Form

New York Mets starting pitcher Taijuan Walker is getting back to his dominant form after dealing with injuries at the start of the season.

The Mets have been one of the top teams in the league (24-14) and now that Walker is showing signs of improvement on the mound, the Mets are an even more formidable rotation to be reckoned with this season.

In his last start on May 12, Walker was lights out against the Washington Nationals.



He went seven innings, giving up three hits and striking out one without allowing a run. That’s the start the Mets have been waiting to see from Walker since he returned from the injured list.

It was a much better performance than his previous outing back on May 6th against the Philadelphia Phillies. Walker gave up six earned runs and nine hits that game.

Talk about a bounce back performance from Walker. That is exactly what he needed.

In an article from the New York Post, Walker talked about how he was effective against the Nationals.

“The game plan was to go in and throw at least eight curveballs,” Walker said after picking up the win against the Nationals. “I feel like when I throw a lot of curveballs, at least 8-10 per game, it just slows them down, and I was throwing it for strikes and getting swings and ground balls, swings and misses, so we just kept throwing it.”

Reportedly, Walker dealt with some back tightness during the game, but that did not impact him on the mound.

“I was trying to go eight [innings], but seven was good, and I think just getting the up-downs now and my pitch count up … now after this outing I feel I should be good to go deep every game,” he said.

Through four starts this season, Walker has a 1-0 record, throwing 18 innings with a 3.00 ERA and has struck out eight. Those are impressive numbers for Walker, especially since he dealt with injury at the start of the season. Dealing with shoulder bursitis is nothing to play with, especially when you are a pitcher.

The Mets will certainly keep a close eye on Walker as the season progresses and see how he continues to perform on the mound.


Melanated Mound Marauders Fined For Bench Clearing Fiasco | Taijuan Walker & Jack Flaherty Are With The Sh*ts


After playing in his first All-Star game last season, Walker has established himself as a powerful pitcher.

All eyes will be on Walker this season, to see if he can have another season like he did last year. Having a healthy Walker on that pitching staff will help the Mets contend for a World Series berth.

Our MLBbro is going to continue to go out there and give max effort on that mound. When he’s healthy and in command of his pitches, Walker is a pitcher you do not want to face.

He has the potential to make the All-Star team for the second consecutive season and he could make a case to be in the running for a Cy Young Award.


Melanated Mound Marauders Fined For Bench Clearing Fiasco | Taijuan Walker & Jack Flaherty Are With The Sh*ts

Melanated Mound Marauders Fined For Bench Clearing Fiasco | Taijuan Walker & Jack Flaherty Are With The Sh*ts

Don’t blame it on the alcohol, blame it on the bean balls.

Two MLB bros find themselves a little lighter in the pocket after wild pitching led to a bench and bullpen clearing brawl during the contentious series between the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets last week.

Cardinals’ pitcher Jack Flaherty and Mets pitcher Tijuan Walker were fined undisclosed amounts for their role in the melee that followed several hit batters. You can never knock a guy for taking up for his teammate, but both Walker and Flaherty are vital keys to their team’s success and coming off injuries. I don’t think their respective front offices want them out there mixing it up and risking reinjuring their golden arm. Their bread and butter. 


Erratic pitching on both sides sent opposing players to first base with bruised bodies and egos Wednesday afternoon at Busch Stadium. 

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The Mets became frustrated during Tuesday night’s game after three players were hit by Cardinals pitchers. Things went far left on Wednesday afternoon in St. Louis thanks to wild Cardinals pitching and lingering tension from the incidents that occurred less than 24 hours earlier.

During their hump day matinee’ the Mets trailed the Cardinals 10-5 in the bottom of the 8th inning. Mets pitcher Yoan López, went high and tight with what was supposed to be a brush back pitch that almost made contact with Nolan Arenado’s helmet sending him to the dirt. 



After a few choice words things escalated between first base and the mound and it got heated. Arenado was very demonstrative and had to be restrained. 

Once they dropped gloves – MLB style – it was on from there.  The bullpens and dugouts emptied onto the diamond in St. Louis. But in classic MLB fight card fashion, no real punches were thrown. 

The Mets boast the best record in MLB as of Friday (14-6) and have been target practice at the plate for most of the young season.  Understandably, the Mets were a little salty since their hitters had been drilled a league-high 18 times coming into the game. Pete Alonso even got beaned in the head on April 27th, which surely sparked all of subsequent bad blood. 



They were hit several times in DC during their series with the Washington Nationals and apparently it was time to brush back. Lopez, a rookie, may have been answering the call after J.D. Davis was pelted earlier in the game prompting this retaliation code response.  

  “I don’t know if I would have thrown at his head but I would have hit him,” said former Mets pitcher and current TV analyst Ron Darling during the game broadcast.

We all know the Mets have a very old school manager in Buck Showalter, who understands the unwritten rules of the game as well as anybody.


This could make for a combative series when the Cardinals hit Queens for a four-game set starting May 16.

Gold Glove Finalists Announced & It Looks Like Two MLBbros Were Snubbed | Where’s Marcus Stroman, Taijuan Walker?

Gold Glove Finalists Announced & It Looks Like Two MLBbros Were Snubbed | Where’s Marcus Stroman, Taijuan Walker?

As the 2021 season nears to a close, that means it’s time for end of season awards.

This is when we found out who the best of the best were in the field. Those webmasters who separated themselves from the rest.

It seems as if two MLBbros were left off the finalists list for the Gold Glove Award.

The National League finalists were: Zach Davies, Max Fried, and Zack Wheeler. Not to throw salt on those pitchers at all, but two of our Bros were deserving of that award.

Marcus Stroman and Taijuan Walker made web gems on the mound all season long in addition to carrying the New York Mets pitching staff as workhorses.

When the finalists were announced, there were a lot of people on social media who were surprised that neither Stroman or Walker were on that list.

And they have a good reason to be surprised.


On the mound they competed and did their best to keep their team in ball games, whether that was striking batters out or making plays on the mound.

Marcus Stroman can make plays on the mound

I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term PFP (Pitching fielding position), just watch Stroman on the mound.

He is very quick off the hill and any ball hit anywhere near the mound, you better believe that Stroman will get to it.

Stroman is no stranger to winning Gold Gloves. When he was playing with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2017 he won his first and only Gold Glove.

He finished the 2021 season with a .961 fielding percentage and made only two errors in 51 chances. Stroman also had 29 assists and 20 putouts.

Stroman had a higher fielding percentage than Zach Wheeler (.958), let’s not forget that.

Our MLBbro is arguably the best fielding pitcher in all of baseball. The former high school shortstop is certainly the most athletic.

Taijuan Walker also deserved to be a finalist for the Gold Glove Award.

In his first season with the Mets, Walker certainly made a name for himself, earning his first All-Star nod as an important piece in the Mets’ rotation.

This brother was at the top of the list when it came to Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) at seven. Only Dallas Keuchel was ahead of him in that category with 12.

Like his teammate Stroman, Walker finished the season with a .961 fielding percentage and made two errors in 51 chances.

He had a career-high in putouts (16) and assists (33), but apparently his stats weren’t enough to be named a finalist either.

These two players were exciting to watch this season and played their position well. Stroman and Walker are Gold Glove winners in our books.

MLB needs to give us an explanation on this one.