Seattle Mariners Captain JP Crawford Is Off To A Sizzling Start After Inking New Bag

Seattle Mariners Captain JP Crawford Is Off To A Sizzling Start After Inking New Bag

J.P. Crawford owns the captain role for the Mariners and is the guy that will steer the ship to their first playoff appearance in 20 years.

The Mariners currently have the second-ranked prospect system in the Majors and dropped a 5-year $51 million dollar bag on their Gold Glove-winning shortstop after Kyle Seager handed over the reins retiring at the end of last season. Crawford’s gotten off to a hot start this season and has been key in keeping the Mariners above water early in what many see shaping up as a tight battle for the A.L. West crown.

He’s reached base safely in each game to start the year and is hitting .417 with a .500 OBP and 1.042 OPS entering Friday’s action. It may be a small sample size, but after ending last season on a high note, it’s a start the city of Seattle is happy to see – especially after watching two of their football team’s pillars join other franchises.

Crawford won the Gold Glove award for American League shortstops in 2020, becoming the first Black player to win the award in the AL since Derek Jeter won it back-to-back times from 2009-2010. Jimmy Rollins won it for the National League from 2007-2009 with the Phillies and again in 2012.

Last year he proved his bat can match the energy he brings on the defensive side of the ball.

He raised his batting average against left-handed pitchers over .30 points and finished 14th in total hits throughout Major League Baseball.  The Mariners competed deep into last season, controlling their own destiny for a playoff spot into the final series of the season – but they ran out of gas, failing to earn what would have been their first playoff appearance in 19 years.

The Mariners went all in this off-season, signing the National League’s Cy Young winner as well as acquiring a few All-Stars to cover their outfield.  They also brought up one of their top five prospects.

There’s plenty of talent around him now, and still much more on the way, but the time to win in Seattle is now.

This is the best the team has been in a long time. The core, led by Crawford, got a taste of a near-playoff atmosphere last season.

One thing he will look to build on from last season is the number of times he comes around the plate to score.  The 89 times he scored last season was a career high by 46 runs.  This season, his goal will be over 100.

He has the versatility to bat in almost every spot in the lineup. The ability to cross the plate will add depth to the team.

Crawford and his Mariners are set for round one of the season-long battle against the Duster Baker-led Houston Astros.

Men’s Clothing Brand Leovici Launches 42 Capsule With MLBbro Shortstop JP Crawford

Men’s Clothing Brand Leovici Launches 42 Capsule With MLBbro Shortstop JP Crawford

(New York, NY) – Men’s clothing brand Leovici in collaboration with Seattle Mariners Shortstop, JP Crawford, has created its second capsule collection inspired by American icon Jackie Robinson and his legacy in baseball.

The collection includes Leovici’s signature tees alongside classic caps utilizing heritage-inspired herringbone fabrics and classic construction.

All pieces in the collection feature Jackie Robinson’s number, 42 and all proceeds of the collection will be donated BaseballGenerations Foundation.

A 501(c)3 non-profit that provides expert-level baseball instruction, mentorship, life skills, and youth development in a way that is accessible to South LA youth.

JP Crawford has felt the impact of Jackie Robinson’s legacy throughout his career in baseball. With this collection, honoring his legacy and celebrating the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking MLB’s color barrier, is what Leovici and Crawford set out to do.

“I have been deeply affected by Robinson’s courage and work ethic. He took on so much hate and hostility and was able to work through it and take care of business on the field. The character traits that he demonstrated are things that I try to implement into my personal and professional life” said Crawford.

When it came time to create the pieces offered in the collaboration, Leovici and JP worked closely to combine the brand’s beloved fabrics and fits with inspiration from Jackie Robinson along with incorporating his number, 42.

“We took a minimalistic approach in designing each of these silhouettes because we wanted to make the number 42 the sole focus of the entire project. The idea was to create luxurious basics featuring the number 42 that could be worn to any type of outing” says Crawford. “We developed a custom athletic fit for the 42 T-Shirt, tailored just the right amount in the arms and waistline.

Another way I wanted to honor the legacy of Jackie Robinson was to create classic wool baseball caps. We made these with modern trimmings, giving the classic wool ball cap a modern twist. We finished these caps off with bold 42 embroidery in white right on the center of the front panel.”

Crawford, a descendant of interracial parents started off by stating, “without him I probably wouldn’t have been born, he broke barriers that were larger than baseball.”

Later when talking about Robinson, Crawford also stated that he was deeply affected by Robinson’s courage. “I know I couldn’t do what he did. He got so much hate [thrown] towards him for no reason… to want to play baseball. That man changed the course of history… BY HIMSELF! He took on what so many people can’t even bear to take on a piece of.”

Leovici is a collective of athletes, designers, entrepreneurs, and creatives, but the thing that ties us together is our obsession with getting more – out of our minds, our bodies, and our lives.

These values are in the name itself. LEO meaning lion – meant to represent confidence, strength, and leadership. VICI is the Latin word for “I conquer.” Good

J.P. Crawford Continues His Rise Up The Shortstop Ranks

Together they represent power through confidence, and earned success in all pursuits. Leovici exists for the individual who relentlessly chases the next challenge, in search of that beautiful place of optimal challenge and ability, where we find our deepest sense of purpose. Leovici’s core purpose is to inspire an unbeatable spirit through Philanthropy, Sport, and Fashion.

Seattle Mariners Captain JP Crawford Is Off To A Sizzling Start After Inking New Bag

The Seattle Mariners signed Gold Glove shortstop J.P. Crawford to a $51 million, five-year contract on Friday. Since the start of the 2020 season, Crawford leads all American League shortstops in innings played at the position with 1,876.

The Absence of MLBbro Kyle Lewis Continues To Hover Over The Seattle Mariners To Start The Season

The Absence of MLBbro Kyle Lewis Continues To Hover Over The Seattle Mariners To Start The Season

The Absence of Kyle Lewis Continues To Hover Over The Seattle Mariners To Start The Season

Kyle Lewis was to be a major part of the Seattle Mariners rebuilding plans a couple of seasons ago.  At the time, He was considered not only one of the most impactful players on the team, but also potentially the AL West. Kyle taking home the 2020 American League Rookie of the Year further solidified those beliefs.

The Return Of Kyle Lewis Has The Mariners Thinking Audaciously

However in 2021, knee issues led to surgery for a torn meniscus ended his season at just 36 games. Despite the fact Lewis has been active in spring training, hitting, playing catch and some running, the team has not released him to do all baseball related activities. At this stage in his recovery, he’ll probably be out of the lineup when the Seattle Mariners take the field to start the season.

When Kyle Lewis is cleared, the Mariners face the challenge of keeping him in the lineup in situations where they can keep him healthy to continue to build on his rookie year contributions. Despite the fact that the best theoretical option is to put Lewis in center field, his injury history is a concern. Julio Rodriguez, a player Seattle is very high on, could take over center field.

If Rodriguez does man center field, Seattle could move Lewis to left field, protecting his body with less area to cover. A more reliable option for both parties could be moving him to DH in the lineup while playing him in the outfield a few games a week.

The Mariners have not made a decision on a primary DH in the lineup yet. If Seattle moves Kyle to the DH spot, it opens up options in the outfield. Not only will Rodriguez get playing time, but also Lewis’ bat stays in the lineup.

Even though he’s progressing, Kyle realizes that patience is a virtue – despite his desire to get back on the field.

“Definitely tough, I have a lot of conversations about what can I do today, Larson said in a interview. What can I do, but you know, you do have to trust that, and me being a person who’s had to do multiple knee rehabs in my career is kind of, you know over time, I feel like you kind of get a little bit more understanding of patience. As soon as I can I’ll be out there and doing what I can to help the guys. So just try to lean on that.”


According to Baseball Reference, Lewis finished 2021 with hitting numbers of .246/.333/.392, before the knee injury ended his campaign.