The Price Of Victory | Mookie Betts Has Probably Spoken To Trevor Bauer For The Last Time

The Price Of Victory | Mookie Betts Has Probably Spoken To Trevor Bauer For The Last Time

Mookie Betts and many baseball fans around the country have one major thing in common: they have a ton of respect for Trevor Bauer’s accolades.

Forget the controversial social media posts regarding touchy subjects such as racism and political conspiracies.

Forget about the allegations of him using social media to harass women. Bauer is a Cy Young Award winner, and for some, that was all that mattered. 

Last February, as talk buzzed about the Dodgers signing Bauer, Betts said in an interview that getting a Cy Young Award winner “would be exciting.”

When asked about Bauer’s controversial past actions, Betts gave the human answer.

Bauer’s past didn’t worry him. At the time, he said he felt the Dodgers knew what they were signing up for. 

Bauer had the talent and the accolades to make so many willingly turn a blind eye to his poor character. Betts could have used that interview to acknowledge that Bauer was wrong, without necessarily chastising Bauer before the season even began.

However, Betts chose to simply state what was so painfully obvious already. 

The Dodgers wanted to win, and anyone who could help them win was a justified addition to the team.



No questions asked. Internet trolling was nothing more than that.

Controversial tweets posted in a shameless manner couldn’t possibly be a small reflection of someone’s character. It’s almost as if there was no reason for Betts, or anyone else on the team, to embrace Bauer as a new teammate while still acknowledging right from wrong. 


Fast forward to 2021, and the actions of Bauer have every member of the Dodgers organization tongue tied.

The star pitcher is currently under criminal investigation for sexually assaulting a woman, and the allegations are backed up by significant evidence. The Pasadena Police Department even admitted that this investigation is a lot bigger than what anyone initially thought. The highly decorated pitcher is now on leave, which was administered by Major League Baseball.



No active Dodgers player has spoken publicly about the new allegations or criminal investigation surrounding Bauer. There is no telling how Betts, or any other player in that locker room now feels about having Bauer as a member of the team.



Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times :

Bauer’s career is in jeopardy, and his stay with the Dodgers could be over, the sexual-assault allegations having turned a pitcher in his prime into a pariah in his own clubhouse, where no teammate has spoken publicly about him or come to his defense. Two people with knowledge of Dodgers clubhouse dynamics, who are unauthorized to speak publicly about the situation, said that a majority of players do not want Bauer back under any circumstances.


Many members of the team, including Betts, have unfollowed Bauer on social media. Nevertheless, social media follows are all up for interpretation; either you read into them or you don’t. 

We might never get another quote from Betts about anything Trevor Bauer related. If not, there is no reason to hold Bett’s past comments over his head forever.

However, the words by Betts, along with the actions from the Dodgers organization in itself, highlight a common issue: so many people are too eager to let accolades be the justifying factor in giving an athlete the benefit of the doubt as it regards to their character.

No one would have guessed that the Dodgers would be in this situation after signing Bauer. It doesn’t change the fact that the point still stands. It is easier to get your past actions forgiven, or in Bauer’s case, completely ignored if you are an accomplished athlete. 

At the same time, the wheels of justice move slowly but they do move and eventually we will know the fate of Trevor Bauer.


MLBbro On The Mend | Jazz “The Bahamian Blur” Chisolm Will Soon Return To Action

MLBbro On The Mend | Jazz “The Bahamian Blur” Chisolm Will Soon Return To Action

Miami Marlins shortstop Jazz Chisholm took live at-bats Tuesday in Jupiter, Florida, for the teams’ Triple-A affiliate. 




An exact timetable for Chisholm’s return is unknown, but all reports speculate that the speedster could be back from the 10-day Injury List as early as Friday when the Marlins start their homestand vs. the New York Yankees.


The Marlins placed Chisholm on the IL on July 19 after the shortstop suffered what looked to be a severe shoulder injury after attempting to make a miraculous play on a Bryce Harper bloop single out in rightfield during a July 18 matchup vs. the Philadelphia Phillies.



The team and the fan base should be elated by how confident Chisholm regards his injury, as all signs pointed to something more severe as he laid motionless while waiting to be attended to by the teams’ medical staff.

He told the Miami Herald about the injury, “It could have been way worse than it was, easily. The doctor said, especially if I had hit the ground a little bit harder, and that could have been it for the season.”

While taking ground balls last week, Chisholm rejoiced at how he feels like he is ready to get back out on the field as soon as the team doctors clear him to return.

Expectations are for Chisholm to continue rehabbing until July 29, during the teams’ off-day ahead of their homestead, as mentioned earlier.



Marlins manager Don Mattingly said Chisholm’s speedy recovery is encouraging, especially since he showed so much motion only days after the initial injury. 

He told the Miami Herald, “We will see what the trainers say, but him being out there is very encouraging. I know he is excited.”

Mattingly added, “he stopped by my office on the way in. It is good that he is healing quick, but I am sure we will be careful and let medical dictate when he is ready.”

Being on the injury list is nothing new for the bohemian blur who earlier in the season missed 16 games after he suffered a left hamstring strain in early May.


He also missed a few games in late May with a right ankle sprain and some foot discomfort in early June after taking an unavoidable pitch off his right foot.



As the team continues its search for a spark down the stretch, Mattingly told that Chisholm could skip the recommended rehab assignments and continue taking BPs as preparation for reinstatement by July 30. 

Mattingly referenced that a few live pitches could be enough to get him back up to speed as the team is hopeful for reinstatement when he first becomes available Friday.


Through 263 at-bats, Chisholm will return to a .251 batting average with 38 runs scored, 34 RBI, 11 bases on balls, and 11 home runs which is a breath of fresh air for a struggling Marlins team who are last in National League East and losers of 10 out of their previous 14 games.

Listen up for the sweet sounds of the Jazzman as he should be Grazing In The Grass-like Hugh Masekela in a nightcap Friday evening against the Bronx Bombers at loanDepot park. First pitch scheduled at 7:10 p.m.


Rookie Nick Gordon Is Taking Advantage Of His Time On The Diamond

Rookie Nick Gordon Is Taking Advantage Of His Time On The Diamond

Minnesota Twins outfielder Nick Gordon is building a legacy of his own in his first season in the league. 

The 25-year-old rookie has given the Twins a reason to keep him around. Whether he’s started games or has come off the bench, Gordon has gone out there given full effort.

The Twins can utilize Gordon in numerous ways. He has the ability to play in the infield and outfield. You can use him as a pinch runner with the speed he possesses and he can be used as a defensive replacement.

We told you back in May, he was here to stay.



This brother adds a lot of value to this Twins team and that’s a big reason why he is on the roster.

Because of injuries to players like Byron Buxton, the rookie has seen his number called on multiple times this season.

Despite his hitless performances in two of the four games he’s played in, he has still put together some impressive numbers in his first year.

Through 33 games, Gordon has a .250 batting average with a home run, five RBI, and five stolen bases.

For a rookie who is not an everyday player, those are some pretty good numbers.



Don’t pay attention so much to the numbers because Gordon is a valuable asset to the Twins. He understands his role on the team and he knows that he has to stay ready at all times.

This is a critical season for Gordon because how he performs will help determine his future. It’s all about making the most of your time on that field. Gordon did that on July 23 against the Los Angeles Angels. That game, he went 2-for-4 with an RBI and a run scored.

This brother can play and is very talented. It’s really no surprise that he’s still on the Twins roster. After all, they’re still trying to figure out how their outfield is going to look, with Team MVP Byron Buxton still on the injured list.

After only appearing in two games during May, Gordon hit the ground running in June. During the month of June he hit .318 in 44 at-bats. At that time, he was out to prove himself and show that he belongs in the league.

Well, he did just that and he started to put himself on notice throughout the league. This is a long season and as long as Gordon can continue to stay healthy, he will continue to see playing time on the field, especially towards the end of the season.


Tony Kemp Is Getting His Bat Back In Gear After A Short Slump Leading Into All-Star Break

Tony Kemp Is Getting His Bat Back In Gear After A Short Slump Leading Into All-Star Break

Headed into the All-Star break, Tony Kemp was struggling at the plate.

Since the second half of the season has started, Kemp has picked it up and put together more productive at bats for the Oakland Athletics.

From July 6th to July 11th Kemp went hitless and the All-Star break could not have come at a better time for the veteran. Coming into July, Kemp had back-to-back impressive months at the plate in May and June.



In both months, he hit .292 and made a significant impact in the Athletics lineup.

He’s recently had some better performances at the plate and that’s the big turnaround he’s needed. Kemp returned from the All-Star break and delivered a four-game hit streak. It seemed as if that break was what Kemp needed to get himself rested for the second half of the season.

He had his best game of the month so far on July 24th against the Seattle Mariners. Our MLBbro went 2-for-4 at the plate with a run scored and a RBI. That was the first time he had a multi-hit game in over a month. He was definitely due for a game like that. He’s way too good a hitter to continue to struggle. 

From the end of May to the beginning of June, Kemp went on an eight-game hitting streak. 



Throughout June, Kemp continued to have impressive performances at the plate and he wanted that to continue going into July. At the start of July, Kemp could not buy a hit. He only had two hits in 10 games.

On July 3rd, Kemp went hitless against the Boston Red Sox, but he came up in a big way to help his team win the game.

Despite going 0-for-4 at the plate, Kemp hit a sacrifice fly to help the Athletics defeat the Red Sox 7-6.

Kemp was not pleased with his performance that game, but he was glad he helped the team come out with a win. 

“That was a relief,” Kemp told reporters after the game. “Leading up to that point in the game, that was, thinking back, I think that was, up to that point, the worst game I’ve played in the big leagues. Just a lot of thinking going on there, like such a long game, sometimes you help your team win, sometimes you help your team lose. Unfortunately, for a long time in that game, I was on the unfortunate end of that.”

Through 79 games he’s hitting .253 with four home runs and 19 RBI.

Sometimes baseball can be a funny game. You can go hitless in a game and still be the hero and that’s exactly what happened to Kemp. That was the one bright spot during his hitless streak before the All-Star break and now that’s all behind him as he looks to continue to make an impact for his team trying to hang in the AL West race, sitting five game sbehind the first place Astros.  

There will be times where a player might struggle at the plate for an extended period of time, but they can’t let that affect their game. How they respond to that adversity and make adjustements determines the success they have. 

Don’t be surprised if Kemp finishes out July on a positive note and carries that throughout the remainder of the season.