Golden Arm MLBbro Jordan Hicks Throws Fastest Pitch This Season | Can You Even Tell He’s Dealt With Injuries?

Golden Arm MLBbro Jordan Hicks Throws Fastest Pitch This Season | Can You Even Tell He’s Dealt With Injuries?

Jordan Hicks has dealt with his fair share of injuries over the last few years. The St. Louis Cardinals right-handed pitcher with the golden arm, can’t seem to shake the injury bug.

But when he’s healthy and on that mound, you better believe he’s going to bring the heat.

And he did just that last week.

On July 7th, Hicks made an appearance out of the bullpen against the Atlanta Braves and threw a sinker that clocked at 103.8 mph to Marcell Ozuna.


“There were one or two in that at-bat that I did,” Hicks said in an article from on trying to throw harder to Ozuna to record the out. “When I really rear back, sometimes I throw less [mph]. So, I just wanted to locate that down-and-away pitch to him, and I did that.”

While this wasn’t the fastest pitch he’s thrown in his career, it was the fastest pitch this season.

Ironically, he topped his teammate Ryan Helsley, who had the fastest pitch at 103.1 before Hicks delivered his electric pitch. Now we all know that Hicks has an explosive arm and the fact that he continues to display it, even battling through injuries, is amazing.

His fastest pitch of his career topped out at 105 mph back in 2018 against the Philadelphia Phillies.

As a hitter, you have to be ready to pull the trigger soon when you are going up against Hicks. Hicks knows he’s one of the hardest throwing pitchers in the game and he wants to take advantage of that.


MLBbro Jordan Hicks Makes First Start This Weekend | He’s Healthy, Throws 100 MPH In His Sleep, The Future Is Now


“Nobody has beaten my last one, so I still kind of feel like I still had the title, in my eyes,” he said jokingly. “If you are going season by season, then I guess I have it three times. Aroldis has got the No. 1 even though we both went 105 [mph]. When I hit 106 someday, that’s when I’ll be able to claim the real title, but he’s still got it for now.”

The 25-year-old spent a month on the injured list due to a forearm tendon strain and made his return earlier this month.

This season, Hicks has made seven starts, a first for the Texas native who usually came out of the bullpen during his MLB career. 

But he’s recently come out of the bullpen this month and the Cardinals will have options, whether the team wants to use him as a starter or bring him out of the pen. The big thing for Hicks is staying healthy because you do not want an arm like that on the sidelines.



This brother is must-see TV every time goes out there and takes the mound. There are not a lot of pitchers out there who can clock the speeds that Hicks does on a consistent basis.

Just think how much of an impact he can have if he can stay healthy. He is one MLBbro pitcher the competition doesn’t want to face.

“My Stuff Is Too Good…”| Flame Thrower Jordan Hicks Back After Fighting Through Injuries

“My Stuff Is Too Good…”| Flame Thrower Jordan Hicks Back After Fighting Through Injuries

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jordan Hicks is healthy – a statement Cardinals fans love to hear. And it is great to see the flamethrower back on the mound, competing at a high level.


After missing most of the 2021 season due to an elbow injury, Hicks made his 2022 season debut on April 12th against the Kansas City Royals. He threw two innings out of the bullpen and struck out two while earning the win. 

Hicks made his first career start on April 21st against the Miami Marlins. The heat seeker went three innings, striking out three, walking two with an earned run.

The Cardinals want to ease Hicks back into the lineup. For now it looks like he’ll continue to pitch a limited amount of innings.

After making his first MLB start, Hicks felt pretty good with his performance.

“I liked a lot of it, and the only thing I didn’t like were the walks,” Hicks told “My stuff is too good to be walking people out there. I’ve just got to get locked in and avoid the walks.

Hicks brought the heat in his first start too. Of the 46 pitches he threw, 14 topped out at 100-plus mph.


Take That: Golden Arm Cardinal Jordan Hicks Faces Another Setback


You read that right. Ever since he came into the league, Hicks has brought fire – something only a handful of pitchers can do.

“I felt strong, and I felt like I could go more, and I came in and did my conditioning so I could treat it like I pitched five or six innings,” Hicks said. “My bread and butter is getting those ground balls, especially after an uncompetitive walk. That’s my go-to — getting ground balls. Any time you give somebody a free bag, it’s not the best feeling, but I’ll build off it, try to get ahead in the count and put them away next time.”

Hicks has a 1-2 record through four games and has made two starts this season. He has an ERA of three and has struck out nine.

During his second start on April 26th against the New York Mets, Hicks almost faced a serious injury.

Dominic Smith hit a comebacker that hit Hicks on the wrist. He appeared to be fine and he finished the inning.

But he left the game after the third inning to get X-rays done on his wrist. Thankfully, the X-rays came back negative.

When I went back out there after getting hit, I was like, ‘OK, this definitely got stiffer,’” Hicks said in another article from “I thought I was going to be sharp, and I felt great, but if I could run that [third inning] back, I probably would have told them how I felt. You can only go off how you felt at the moment, and I’m a competitor and I want to be out there — especially on my start day because you only get one of these every five days and it’s not like the bullpen.”

Seeing nothing serious happen to Hicks is definitely a sigh of relief. Now that he’s healthy, look for the 25-year-old to play an important role for the Cardinals as the season progresses.

MLBbro Jordan Hicks Makes First Start This Weekend | He’s Healthy, Throws 100 MPH In His Sleep, The Future Is Now

MLBbro Jordan Hicks Makes First Start This Weekend | He’s Healthy, Throws 100 MPH In His Sleep, The Future Is Now

This weekend will be a special and memorable one for St. Louis Cardinals right-handed pitcher Jordan Hicks.

He is scheduled to make his first career start as the Cardinals take on the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday.

His first start would have been earlier this week, if not for weather conditions – but hey you can only control what you can control.

Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol is looking forward to having a strong bullpen going into the weekend series against division opponent Milwaukee.

“This just allows us to keep everything on track,” Marmol said in an article from “If you look at it, going into that Milwaukee series, I’d love to have [Wainwright] throw Game 1 there, but having a full, healthy ‘pen going into that four-game set also makes sense.”

“[As for Hicks], he stays on track with what we originally told him, which is important. We’ll let the game play out. He’s [come out of the ‘pen] in the past, and it’s a matter of him doing the work in between that’s more important than anything.”

One bright spot this season: He has a 1-0 record with his lone appearance coming on April 12th against the Kansas City Royals.

He came out of the bullpen throwing two innings, striking out two, walking one, and giving up no hits.

The 25-year-old is ready to prove he belongs in the starting rotation after coming out of the bullpen since he entered the league.

“That’s what I like to do — is pitch,” he said in an article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I just don’t want to be out there for one inning.

“I’ll definitely be able to show more of what I’ve got, being out there longer.”

It’s certainly been a rollercoaster ride for Hicks over the last few years.

Hicks first took the stage in 2018, making the jump from Class A to the big leagues. His fastball had the league talking and made him must-see TV.

He touched 105.1 MPH on the radar with his fastball that season – tying Aroldis Chapman for the fastest-recorded pitch in MLB history.

Now that’s impressive right there. It’s one thing to throw hard, but it’s another to have accuracy and Hicks has both in his repertoire.

This brother’s stuff is filthy and he’s got more than the fastball. His sinker is just as dirty and his slider can buckle hitters at the knees.

Just as things were heading in the right direction, Hicks had to get Tommy John surgery in 2019, forcing him to miss the remainder of the season.

He opted out of the 2020 season.  After making 10 appearances, Hicks re-injured his elbow last year – forcing him to miss the remainder of the season

This will be a big year for Hicks and we’ll get a chance to see how he can be effective as a starter.

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