Rickie Weeks | From HBCU To The Top of The MLB Draft

Rickie Weeks | From HBCU To The Top of The MLB Draft

In the second edition of A Bro Convo W/Telly Hughes, former MLB All-Star Rickie Weeks, who spent 14 years in The Show, steps to the mic.

Weeks discusses how he was able to overcome the stigma of playing at Southern University in Louisiana and become the No. 2 overall pick of the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2003 MLB Draft.  While at Southern, Weeks finished his career with a .465 batting average (254 of 546), the highest in NCAA history.



MLB To Introduce Diversity Initiatives To HBCU Students

MLB To Introduce Diversity Initiatives To HBCU Students


Black in the day, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) provided a pipeline of talent that brought the flavor to the game of Major League Baseball on the field — and when given the opportunity — in the front office.

While the game struggles to survive on these campuses as many schools pulled the plug on their baseball programs, MLB continues looking to diversify its talent pool off the diamond by tapping into the Black excellence prevalent in these universities.

The Groove Phi Groove social fraternity’s chapter at Bowie State University is hosting a virtual information session on Wednesday, April 28, that will expand the knowledge of professional opportunities in baseball for HBCU students.

The hour-long zoom session is featuring reps from The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Talent Acquisition teams at MLB, who are looking to educate a generation of prospective employees who could bring diversity to the front offices of MLB teams while developing a pool of future candidates for front-office positions through its Diversity Pipeline Program.



MLB’s team of front office pros will guide HBCU students, student-athletes, school administrators, and recent alumni looking to explore career opportunities.

This career information session also features an introduction to career opportunities available through the 2021 Summer Internship Program.

This open discussion will present MLB professionals sharing information about the industry, and tips necessary to develop and thrive in it. The session also features an overview of baseball career opportunities available for business and baseball operations candidates learning about MLB career perspectives from employees of color.

MLB professionals will also share their experiences and information about the industry, and provide tips to develop and succeed in the industry. MLB teams are hoping to connect with students, student-athletes, school administrators, and recent alumni wishing to embark on baseball and business operations careers.

To register for the event, click the link below

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MLB Pitcher Marvin Freeman Answers 5 Questions About His Hometown Of Chicago


In Part 3 of MLBbro.com’s interview with former MLB pitcher Marvin Freeman, reporter Mark Gray asks the Chicago native 5 questions about his hometown. The conversation also includes some new information on Freeman’s personal relationship with Michael Jordan.

There aren’t many Marvin Freemans (Black Starting Pitchers) in the league anymore, but he has a wealth of pitching knowledge and works closely with MLB’s diversity programs, inspiring and instructing young athletes trying to achieve their baseball dreams. He also has a foundation where he encourages players to aim for a home run in education as well.



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