Dominic Smith Is A Work In Progress

Dominic Smith Is A Work In Progress

The 2021 season has certainly been a ride for New York Mets outfielder Dominic Smith.

Smith got off to a hot start at the beginning of the season and he was establishing himself as a key threat in the Mets lineup.

But as the season progressed, Smith hit a wall at the plate and he started to have more of a reserved role on the team coming off the bench.

Despite his struggles this season, Smith still believes in himself and knows that he can make an impact on the field.

MLBbro Dominic Smith Is Having A Career Year & Nobody Is Satisfied | That’s A Good Thing


Now don’t let his numbers this year fool you, Smith can flat out play.

Through 143 games this season, Smith has a batting average of .246 with 11 home runs and 58 RBI.

Those numbers aren’t bad, but throughout the season Smith has had multiple streaks where he struggled at the plate.

But recently he’s had some success.  Through his last seven games he hit .400 with three RBI and a run scored.

Smith has spent his entire five-year career with the Mets and he knows that he’s not going to let this put him in a bad place at all.

He’s had his moments.

“Whatever happened this year is not going to define me as a player, as a person,” Smith told the Daily News. “I know I still have a lot of years in this game. I have a lot of years to improve and get better. I’m obviously going to take that challenge like I’ve taken every challenge and just work. That’s all you can do. There’s a lot of things I want to work on. I don’t worry about my future. I just take it day by day. I live in the present.”

For our MLBbro, that’s all he can do. Just take it day by day and focus on the things you can control.

You better believe one thing, this offseason, Smith is going to put that work in like never before.

As mentioned earlier, this brother can impact any team he plays for and that’s something he’s high on doing.

“My career, my numbers, will hopefully improve and that’ll take care of itself,” he said. “But it’s just about the impact I leave with my teammates and coaches and being a good teammate and a good person who your teammates like to have around. Somebody that your teammates can count on and depend on and just somebody you’d like to hang around with.”

The question is, will the Mets want to bring him back? Now that’s something out of his control but there’s no question that he should be on a team next season.

For his career he’s batting .253 with a .443 slugging percentage. He also has hit 46 home runs with 162 RBI.

This brother was selected in the first round of the 2013 MLB draft for a reason and he’s transitioned into a high-level player since being drafted.

Now he has to find a way to return to that player he was during the 2019 and 2020 season.

Just know this, this won’t be the last time you hear about our MLBbro and you can believe that.

MLBbro Dominic Smith Is Having A Career Year & Nobody Is Satisfied | That’s A Good Thing

MLBbro Dominic Smith Is Having A Career Year & Nobody Is Satisfied | That’s A Good Thing

It’s been a rollercoaster season for New York Mets outfielder Dominic Smith. He has had some high and low points to say the least. But Smith is still a player that the Mets are high on and he can still add value to the team.

At the start of the season, Smith was an everyday starter and was becoming a valuable piece to the team.


Fast forward to now, he finds himself coming off the bench more. But Smith is still adding production off the bench.

The 26-year-old has a .247 batting average on the season with 11 home runs and 55 RBI.

He had a clutch at-bat on September 2nd against the Miami Marlins.

Smith was called upon in a pinch-hitter role and delivered in a big way. With the score tied at three in the bottom of the seventh inning, our MLBbro hit an RBI single to give the Mets the lead.

He turned on a slider and roped a 104 mph single off his past the first baseman.


“Hitting sliders is just something that I did when I was playing well,” Smith told the New York Post. “Just getting back to that felt good.”

That would be the go ahead run as the Mets went on to win the game.

It was a pleasant sight to see Smith come through in a big way to help his team. His 11 home runs are tied for a career-best and his 55 RBI are a career-best as well. 

Mets manager Luis Rojas has noticed that Smith has taken advantage of his time on the bench.

“I’m very proud that he’s taken this diminished playing time to working,” Rojas said. “He’s been in the  cage, he’s been working on himself and trying to find himself. And when a guy does that, and contributes for the team in a big situation, it just tells you the discipline that he has.”

Smith wants to better himself as a player and it’s good that he’s putting in the extra work. 


And though he’s no longer an everyday starter, he continues to stay ready for his number to be called.

“I think with the time off, he’s taken advantage to work on some things,” Rojas said.

When looking at the brighter side of things, Smith has had his struggles throughout the season, but he’s still putting up career-best numbers.

There’s no question that Smith has shown improvement since his first year in 2017. Despite the struggles, Smith has put the work in to make sure he can remain a productive player.

We get it, slumps happen, but it’s how you bounce back from those slumps and Smith is heading in the right direction as the season is coming to an end.

With the work that he’s putting in, Smith will find himself in a good position as his career carries on.

Now let’s take time our to wish our MLBbro and his family all the best as he was placed on the bereavement list on September 3rd.


MLBbro Dominic Smith Is Having A Career Year & Nobody Is Satisfied | That’s A Good Thing


Dominic Smith came in to pinch hit and smacked a 104 mph single off first baseman Jesús Aguilar’s glove to lift the Mets to their fourth-straight win, a 4-3 nail-biter over the Miami Marlins on Thursday.

Dominic Smith Is A Work In Progress

Dominic Smith Will Have To Do Some Heavy Lifting For NY Mets Down The Stretch

Dominic Smith plays an important role for the New York Mets. He is one player on the team that can make an impact in a significant way.

There’s a reason why the Mets selected him in the first round of the 2013 MLB draft. In his fifth season, Smith has shown improvement at the plate and in the field.

He’s been heavily relied on to provide the struggling Mets offense with a veteran power bat that they can rely on in addition to Peter Alonso.

Having him in the lineup is critical for the Mets and their success throughout the season. Smith has come alive offensively during July which is a sign that Mets certainly want to see.

The second half of the season will be an important stretch for Smith as he will look to be more consistent at the plate.

With the addition of Javy Baez to the Mets lineup, Smith should get a few more pitches to hit.

Through 96 games, he’s batting .251 with 11 home runs and 45 RBIs.


Phillies vs. Mets | MLBbro Show Bonanza


Smith is third on the team in home runs and is second in RBI. Leaving Smith out of the lineup is something the Mets don’t plan on doing because he is too valuable.

He recently put together an impressive performance against the Atlanta Braves on July 29th. 

Our MLBbro went 2-for-4 at the plate with an RBI. Smith started the month seeing the ball really well.

At the start of July, he went on a five-game hitting streak where he hit .444 during that span with three home runs and seven RBI.

There’s no question that this brother can hit and he’s made improvements at the plate since he entered the league.


If you watch Smith play, you will see how patient he is at the plate. He’s the type of hitter that understands the count and knows what he’s trying to do in certain situations.

And he has some pop in that bat of his.



“I hit it on the barrel pretty well,” Smith told the New York Post. “This park is pretty friendly for hitters, so you just have to play your elements.”

Smith went into that at-bat with a game plan and made adjustments from his previous at-bats during that game.

“There’s nowhere to put me and I know he’s just trying to get ahead,” Smith said. “He’s trying to throw his best pitches to get me out. Throughout the first couple innings, he got a lot of soft contact on breaking balls, including I popped one up. That’s just something I took note of and I was just ready to hit.”

“I try to get better with my swing, with my approach, with the pitches I’m swinging at,” Smith said. “If you can simplify the game a little bit and swing at good pitches, then I think you’ll have pretty good numbers at the end of the year. That’s something I didn’t do at the beginning of the year and I’m starting to do — control the strike zone. The ball is starting to carry and leave the yard.”



Smith has adapted to the big leagues well over the last few years and he can become a player that the Mets could end up paying big money for. 

He just needs to stay consistent at the plate and continue to let the game come to him.


Phillies vs. Mets |  MLBbro Show Bonanza

Phillies vs. Mets | MLBbro Show Bonanza

In a series that included two walk-off-hits, saw a pitcher strike out 10 batters in a row, one of the greatest catches of the year, and two Black Knights on the mound — the Bro’s involved in this weekend’s Phillies vs Mets matchup put on a show for baseball fans.

The Mets vs Phillies rivalry is one of the best in the sports and has not lacked any intensity when they have faced off this season.  Flashback to April 30th when Dominic Smith squared off against Philadelphia reliever Jose Alvarado in the 8th inning of a one-run game with two on and two outs. 

 Alvarado got the best of Smith in this matchup and struck him out and started immediately smack-talking him. 

 Benches would clear and although no punches were thrown this war was far from over. 



Well, during game one of Friday’s doubleheader at Citi Field, Smith would finally get his revenge.  It was a low-scoring affair as Taijuan Walker and Aaron Nola battled each other on the mound.  Nola had a performance for the ages as he tied Tom Seaver for the most consecutive strikeouts in MLB history with 10.  

Despite the performance of his counterpart, Walker battled on the bump on his way to recording his sixth quality start in a row and kept the Mets in striking distance for the win. He finished with five strikeouts in five innings and allowed one run on three hits and a walk.  

He now has the 12th lowest ERA in the league at 2.38.

The Mets would have the last laugh in game one.  

 Dominic Smith stepped up to the plate on extra innings with two runners on and delivered a game-winning walk-off single.  Smith is 5-for-22 in his last seven games and will be an important piece in New York’s lineup and their ability to win the National League East. 



Later on Friday night during game two of the doubleheader, former National League Most Valuable Player Andrew McCutchen showed us he still possesses the athleticism that made him one of the best players in all of baseball.  

A ball was hit high and deep out to left field and McCutchen, as cool, calm and collected as can be made a leaping catch at the wall to keep the game tied.  He got up and hit the Mets with a Jordan shoulder shrug for good measure. 



A few days earlier McCutchen hit a grand slam in a thrilling game to close out their series against the Nationals.  He finished this weekend’s series 4-for-9 scoring three runs, stealing two bases and collecting an RBI.



To cap off the weekend the other half of the Mets Black Knight combination Marcus Stroman took the mound and struggled for the second start in a row.  He exited his start on Tuesday with a hip injury after only throwing one inning where he walked two batters.  

Sunday’s start was his worst of the season.  Before Tuesday’s game, Stroman had registered 10 quality starts in a row and done so in 13 of 14 appearances.  Stroman lasted just three innings, giving up three walks, five hits, two runs, and striking out three.  

His ERA fell to 2.45 which places him 13th in all of baseball, one spot behind Taijuan Walker. 

Stroman and Walker have been excellent this season, throwing behind ace Jacob DeGrom, who has a chance at winning this year’s Cy Young award. But we still have more than half of the year to go so both will need to keep up the great pace they have set for themselves.

Stroman’s next start will come Saturday in a Subway Series battle against the New York Yankees while Walker gets his next start Wednesday against the Braves.  Andrew McCutchen and his Phillies will host Jazz Chisholm and the Miami Marlins this week after a matchup with the Reds.