Happy 50th Birthday to Los Angeles Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts. The MLBbro is a World Series champion as a player and manager. Roberts was presented a birthday cake by the Dodgers on Tuesday.


Dave Roberts Is Looking To Double Up On The World Series Hardware

Dave Roberts Is Looking To Double Up On The World Series Hardware

With another year comes another fantastic regular season by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This is far from a surprise under MLBbro manager Dave Roberts. The expectations for the Dodgers have been consistently sky high and this is due to the monumental bar set by the Dodgers’ manager.

Roberts has been involved in the big leagues since his career as a player began in 1999.

He had a pedestrian career that was highlighted by clutch base running in the 2004 ALCS against the mighty Yankees for the eventual World Series champs, the Boston Red Sox.

Ultimately, however, his MLB legacy will be the extreme amount of success he has achieved in his secondary career as the Dodgers’ skipper.

No Mission Is Impossible For Dave Roberts

Since 2011, the Los Angeles Dodgers have not posted a record below .500. But, under the leadership of Dave Roberts, the Dodgers have taken an even bigger leap.

Since taking over the team he has won three National League Pennants and a World Series Championship (2020). Roberts also won the National League manager of the Year award in 2016 while dealing with one of the most injury-plagued teams in Major League history, placing an unprecedented 28 players on the IL.

It is no secret that the superstar Dodgers are a revolving door of high-level talent. The team has been filled with a litany of All Stars, blue-chip prospects, and key free agent signings that have fueled the team’s dominance over the past decade.

But no matter how the roster changes, Roberts has always kept them in a position that leads to constant winning and sustained success.

He has converted starting pitchers to relievers, former All Stars to quality role players, and even castaways from other organizations to mainstays in Los Angeles.

Although Dave Roberts has already established himself as one of the best managers in the game, if not the greatest, there is still much more he can accomplish. More money to make too.

Dave Roberts Displays Confidence In Many Areas, Including The Finalization Of New Deal With LA Dodgers

Having won one out of three trips to the World Series, Roberts knows that he can again claim the ultimate prize by leading the team to success in October.

The Dodgers started the year as World Series favorites, something that has been a recurring theme during Roberts’s tenure.

Roberts is in a unique spot. With Los Angeles being one of the biggest markets in the sports world, there is always constant pressure to be great and reach lofty expectations.

His regular season success is something to lean on, but ultimately it won’t keep him safe when the team is in “championship or bust” mode.

With former American League MVP MLBbro Mookie Betts, and former National League MVP Freddie Freeman, he has a lineup that is averaging over 5 runs per game which leads the Majors.

His pitching staff, despite the loss of Trevor Bauer, also leads the league with a 2.25 ERA.

Dave Roberts is indeed an elite manager. With another World Series title in 2022, which is very well within his grasp, he could join an even greater pantheon of managers who have gone on to win multiple championships.

Dave Roberts Displays Confidence In Many Areas, Including The Finalization Of New Deal With LA Dodgers

Dave Roberts Displays Confidence In Many Areas, Including The Finalization Of New Deal With LA Dodgers

LOS ANGELES, CA Now that the 2022 MLB season is officially happening thanks to both sides representing the players and the owners coming to an agreement, that famous saying, play ballcan truly have meaning.

As teams prepare schedules and maneuver through free agency, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has many things weighing on him for the start of the season including a new deal.

No new deal has been reached, however Roberts via a zoom call to local media stressed that he was encouraged on how the talks are continuing to progress daily.

Were moving forward. Hopefully we can get it done sooner rather than later. I think were really close,Roberts said. I dont think that its going to be an issue here in the coming days.

In the final season of his current contract, many wondered if the Dodgers would allow Roberts to enter into the season without a new deal in place.

Under his tenure, Roberts has guided the Dodgers into the playoffs all six years, winning five National League West titles and brought the franchise a World Series title in 2020. The first time Los Angeles has won a championship since 1988.

As Roberts was elated that Spring Training, he will arrive in Arizona on Sunday. the As baseball gets closer to starting, many questions loomed concerning free agent pitcher Clayton Kershaw, Max Muncy, and the status of Trevor Bauers return to the team.

Making sure guys are healthy and ready to go, and the guys that werent totally ramped up just kind of seeing where theyre at.

On Friday one of those questions was answered in the form a one-year deal for Kershaw to remain on the mound in Los Angeles. Roberts has maintained a solid relationship with Kershaw, which made this deal fit perfectly.

As it pertains to a more difficult subject, Robert addressed the future of pitcher Trevor Bauer who made 17 starts for the team in 2021.

Roberts said that he doesnt want to “close the door completelyon having Bauer join the team at some point during camp. The L.A. District Attorneys office ruled in February Bauer wouldn’t face criminal charges on allegations of sexual assault, MLB placed Bauer on administrative leave for a week. The league continues to investigate the incident and could consider a suspension. 

Roberts was also confident that current first baseman Max Muncy would be ready for the start of the regular season.

Roberts was also asked about sought after free agent first baseman Freddie Freeman.

I would love to see Freddie Freeman in a Dodger uniform. I think that who wouldnt? Hes a heck of a ballplayer. certainly, in the conversation for us but ultimately it is going to be his decision. 

If Freeman is indeed signed by the Dodgers, Muncy made it clear he would not have a problem moving to second base.

With the contracts and players being aligned on the field during Spring Training as they prepare for the regular season, Roberts has shown that he is an essential piece of this puzzle that has all of the potential to make it back to the World Series under his leadership. The Dodgers should have a deal for him in place sooner than later.