MLB’s Best Managers Are MLBbros | All Dave Roberts & Dusty Baker Do Is Win…Every Season

MLB’s Best Managers Are MLBbros | All Dave Roberts & Dusty Baker Do Is Win…Every Season

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros stand atop both of their respective conferences. This is a position both teams have become accustomed to, and this due to their brilliant managers, MLBbros Dave Roberts and Dusty Baker. Under the tutelage of these great baseball minds the Dodgers and Astros are once again the two favorites to win the World Series. Both managers are in very different points in their careers, but both are dominating in their own right. It is no small feat that in a league with less than 7% of the population being represented by Black Americans, that the top two teams are both ran by the only two full-time Black managers in baseball.


Dave Roberts

While MLBbro Dave Roberts is much less “experienced” as a manager when being compared to Dusty Baker, he more than makes up for that with his accomplished resume. Roberts has already won a World Series as a manager, something that has eluded Dusty Baker in his managerial tenure. Roberts is also on pace to have the National League #1 seed for the fourth time in seven years as the Dodger’s skipper. Roberts has a top five Winning Percentage all time for Managers which is just a credit to the repeated brilliance he has shown in the early stages of his career. He has the Dodgers fully locked in post all-star break and they seem to be headed for another NL Pennant.



Dusty Baker 

MLBbro Dusty Baker has been managing since the early 1990s. With almost 30 years of managerial experience there is nothing he hasn’t seen. Not only has he helped the Houston Astros to bounce back from their tumultuous cheating scandal, but he has kept them in playoff contention on a yearly basis. Since taking over the team has reached nothing lower than the American League Championship series, and he has made them a perennial threat to contend. Although he has yet to win the World Series as a manager, he has won as a player and knows what it takes to reach the top. Currently in the top ten all times for Wins as a manager, with over 2,000 to his credit, Dusty Baker is a perfect manager to have in October.

Both of the Dodgers and the Astros are on fire and gaining momentum for the postseason. All signs point to a head on collision for not only the World Series title, but for the best Manager in baseball. Both MLBbros Dave Roberts and Dusty Baker have proven that their respective teams are two constant forces that simply cannot be ignored.

Is There Really A Team That Can Defeat Mookie Betts & Dave Roberts’ Dodgers? | MLBbro Show Still Shining In Hollywood

Is There Really A Team That Can Defeat Mookie Betts & Dave Roberts’ Dodgers? | MLBbro Show Still Shining In Hollywood

The phrase “World Series or bust” has become cliche in the world of contenders around sports, but over the past few years this has been scripture for the Los Angeles Dodgers. As the year rolls along, Mookie Betts and the Dodgers once again remain the clear favorites in the National League, something that should strike fear in every other National League team.

I mean let’s be real, at this point you can’t think about National League contenders and not mention Dave Roberts’ Dodgers. We’re talking about a team that has represented the NL in three of the last five NLCS clashes, so the idea of Los Angeles being dominant shouldn’t shock anyone. 



This season has been no different. The Dodgers made a big splash this offseason adding first baseman Freddie Freeman to an already loaded lineup, and the results have been exactly what we expected. As of Monday afternoon, the Dodgers have a .700 win percentage (84-36) and have cruised through most of this regular season. 

Our MLBbro Mookie Betts has finally found his old MVP form that had eluded him for long stretches due to injury. Now, Betts is firing on all cylinders and so are the Dodgers. Over his last 15 games, Betts is hitting .339/.388/.597 with 21 hits, six homers and six extra base hits in the same span.  

Now most athletes who perform at such an elite level can’t wait to let people know about their success, but in true Betts fashion, his comments have been consistently about the team. Here’s what he said when asked about teammate Will Smith.

“All through the lineup we’ve got guys stepping up,” said Betts. “The beauty of this lineup is each and every game it can be a different person, and it is a different person a lot of times. Having Smitty right there, being the consistent one constantly driving in runs and constantly getting on base, that’s huge.”

Betts is right. The Dodgers have scored runs in bunches all season, and their +264 run differential is first in the majors by 80 runs. As a team they rank first in runs, third in batting average, fifth in homers and fifth in hits. 

Dave Roberts’ bunch has been a well-oiled machine these past few years, and once again head into September wondering if there’s really a team in this league that can top them. The Braves and their influx of young MLBbros will put up a fight, the Mets have the best 1-2 pitching punch in MLB, but once again it looks like the National League will run through Los Angeles.