Remember Black Ace Dontrelle Willis? | He’s Still Very Much Involved In Baseball

Remember Black Ace Dontrelle Willis? | He’s Still Very Much Involved In Baseball

Dontrelle Willis last appeared in a MLB game over 10 years ago, but how can you forget about this MLBbro?

In his prime, he was one of the most dominant pitchers in the game. During the 2005 season he won 22 games with the Florida Marlins, the most wins he had in a single season. He’s also one of just 15 Black MLB pitchers to ever win 20 games in a season. This prestigious group is called “The Black Aces.” 

Willis had a distinctive windup from the left side which drew a lot of attention during his playing days.

His high leg kick was very deceptive, and hitters had difficulties, especially when Willis first got into the league. And Willis had success during his career too. During his rookie season in 2003, he was named an All-Star, NL Rookie of the Year, and was a part of the Marlins team that shocked the world and defeated the New York Yankees in the World Series. the young star went 14-6 with a 3.30 ERA that season.

You don’t see many rookies having the kind of success Willis did. He quickly gained a lot of attention throughout the league after his first season. Willis played for four teams during his career and finished with a 72-69 record with a 4.17 ERA and 896 strikeouts.

Oh, and the brother could hit too, swatting .244 with nine home runs and had a .378 slugging percentage. Though he did not have much success later in his career, he still made a name for himself and is a player people still talk about to this day.

So what is the former World Series champion doing now?


Well, he’s still involved in baseball, but he’s in the booth now. In May, he joined the Los Angeles Dodgers as a member of the broadcast team. Willis brings a lot of knowledge to the broadcast booth, and he brings a lot of energy, just like he did on the hill. 


He also contributes to MLB WHIPAROUND, a nightly baseball program on FOX Sports.

Willis went through a lot of ups and downs during his career and it’s good to see how much he bounced back and is enjoying his time in the broadcast booth. During his playing career, he won at the highest level and got sent down to play in the minor leagues.

With all the experience he’s had, Willis is a perfect example of someone who young players should take advice from. Last year, he spoke with Baseball America and talked about the conversations he’s had with players.

“I tell guys, enjoy all of this,” Willis said. “Enjoy competing, enjoy being around your teammates, enjoy your name being on the back of a jersey …. just enjoy every single moment.”

Willis will be around the game for a long time, and he deserves his flowers for what he did during his playing days and what he’s doing now.

Fly Tai Walker Looks To Bounce Back After Rough Atlanta Start

Fly Tai Walker Looks To Bounce Back After Rough Atlanta Start

Taijuan Walker has had an impressive season so far for the New York Mets.

Coming off a season where he was named an All-Star for the first time in his career, he was ready to have more success this season. And he already has more wins than he did last year.


Walker, who has nine wins on the season, ranks third on the team in that category and has had multiple outings where he dominated opposing teams.

Today, he’ll look to secure his 10th win of the season against the Cincinnati Reds.

Hopefully he will not have an outing like he did against the Atlanta Braves.

It was not Walker’s night on August 5 against the reigning World Series champs, Atlanta Braves.

The Braves got to Walker quick in the first inning, scoring eight runs and hitting two home runs to secure a 9-6 victory.

Walker only lasted one inning and after the game he admitted he did not have his best stuff out there.

“It wasn’t a good day for me,” Walker said in an article from The New York Post. “I don’t want it to happen in a big series like this, but it did and I’m going to move on from it. … My velo wasn’t very good today either and I was leaving too many balls over the middle of the plate. I didn’t do my job today and the bullpen had to wear it, which I’m not proud of at all.”

“I just didn’t have command of my fastball today,” he said. “My splitter was up, didn’t land any sliders for strikes and I left balls over the middle of the plate and they hit me hard.”

Walker snapped a streak of 15 straight starts in which he allowed four runs or fewer.

Going into that game, Walker won his two previous starts coming against the Miami Marlins and the New York Yankees.

Despite that disastrous outing against the Braves, Walker’s numbers this year are still impressive.


Melanated Mound Marauders Toss Coastal Gems | Taijuan Walker & Josiah Gray Manhandled Top MLB Teams Tuesday Night

Through 19 starts, he has a 3.45 ERA with 80 strikeouts.

Prior to the start against the Braves, the most runs Walker allowed this season was six and that was back in May against the Philadelphia Phillies.

This will be an opportunity for Walker to redeem himself and get back to showing how effective he can be on the mound.

Walker has had success against the Reds this season. Last month he made a start against Cincinnati and picked up the win, going six innings while striking out nine and giving up three runs.

With the Mets being in a good position to make the postseason, Walker will play a key role, especially toward the end of the season.

And Walker has that competitive edge to himself where he wants to win at all cost.

Expect him to be on his A game against the Reds and throughout the remainder of the season.

What Does Josh Hader Trade Mean For Milwaukee Relief Pitcher Devin “Air Bender” Williams ?

What Does Josh Hader Trade Mean For Milwaukee Relief Pitcher Devin “Air Bender” Williams ?

The trade deadline in sports is always full of sellers and buyers. Contending teams look to increase their chances for playoff runs, and teams who are behind in the standings look towards the future. This is why the Milwaukee Brewer’s trade of closer Josh Hader shocked many around the league.

They have competed for the last two years with their biggest strength being their pitching, most notably the bullpen consisting of two All-Star caliber relievers in MLBbro Devin Williams and Josh Hader.



Williams alluded to the loss of Hader being tough to handle. While they did get a substantial complement of pitchers in return, it is no doubt that the Brewers will have a tougher time fighting to keep pace in the National League Central division race as we approach the latter portion of the season.

With the departure of Hader, more is expected from the aforementioned reliever Williams. Williams is an established bullpen weapon and one of the best relievers in Major League Baseball. An All-Star this season, Williams has been dominant since being called up to the show in 2019 with a career ERA of 2.00. Most of his work has been done as the Brewer’s set up man, but his role could be changing. With the departure of Hader, Williams may now be the featured arm out the Milwaukee bullpen. 



Yes, reliever Taylor Rogers comes to the squad with more experience, and is currently second in MLB in Saves. But Williams is a locker room presence in Milwaukee, and fans are already behind him. Brewer manager Craig Counsell is well aware of this and knows he will have to make good use of both, Williams and Rogers to give the team the best chance to win. Williams was visibly unsatisfied with the decision to move on from Hader as displayed in an interview when asked about the trade. “I don’t really have a lot to say to be honest with you,” Williams said. “I don’t know.”

MLBbro Devin Williams got his first chance at the closing position on Wednesday, the day after the infamous Hader trade, but did not fare well. He gave up a game winning, walk-off home run to Pittsburgh Pirates’ outfielder Bryan Reynolds. This was the first earned run allowed by Williams since May 10th… over two whole months… so there is little cause for concern.


MLBbro Devin Williams ‘AKA’ Airbender Will Be In LA For His First All-Star Game | As He Should


In fact, this is the first home run Williams has surrendered all season. Williams is still having a dominant season with a 1.77 ERA and 66 Ks in 40.2 IP. It may take some time to adjust to his new role, or even just to adjust to life with a new running mate in Rogers. But as he has consistently shown in his 4 MLB seasons, Williams is a bona fide reliever. With him still coming out the bullpen, the Brewers still have life in the National League Central race.

Black Ace David Price Is Still Rolling | He’s 78th On The All-Time K List And Counting, You Can’t Front On Him a Little

Black Ace David Price Is Still Rolling | He’s 78th On The All-Time K List And Counting, You Can’t Front On Him a Little

David Price is in his second season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and is looking to win his first World Series title as a member of the Dodgers and his second overall title. Price has had a lot of success throughout his career and the 36-year-old is not ready to walk away from the game just yet.

The former Cy Young Award winner now finds himself in a full-time reliever role with the Dodgers. And for the most part, he has settled in well. Sometimes it’s not easy transitioning to a different role, but Price is a team player and he’s willing to do whatever to put the team in the best position to be successful.

If that means going to the bullpen, then that’s what he’s going to do. Last year he transitioned to the bullpen, but he did make 11 starts out of 39 appearances. In 26 appearances this season, he’s pitched in 26.1 innings and has a 3.08 ERA with a save.

Yes, this is the least amount of innings Price has pitched in his career, but he understands his role and is always ready to get out there when his name is called upon.

“I like these young guys getting their starts,” Price said in an article from The Orange County Register. “I like them being able to get their numbers up so they can go to arbitration, and they can get their money. I got mine.”

And Price did hint that this could be his last season, so going out on top would be a wonderful feeling for the veteran. But a big reason why he’s still playing is because of his kids.

“My (two) kids love it so much. That’s the only thing that makes me even think about playing any longer,” Price said.  “I always told myself I’d ask my son, ’Do you want daddy to play baseball or do you want daddy to be home all the time?’  I asked him before this year and he said, ‘I want you to be home.’ I said, ’Are you sure?’ He said, ’Yeah.’ Now when I ask him, he says, ’No, I want you to keep playing.”


David Price Speaks On State Of Black Baseball


For those who have followed Price’s career, know how dominant he was in the league for multiple years. He’s 78th on the all-time strikeout list with 2,068. To be in the top 100 of the list is an accomplishment of itself. Price is in his 14th season and has dealt with numerous injuries the past few seasons and it’s apparent that he isn’t who he was back in 2010 and 2012, but the brother can still go out there and get the job done.

If this is in fact his last season, how great would it be for him to go out as a World Series champion. This is one MLBbro who definitely deserves his flowers. He’s shown why he’s one of the best to ever do it.