Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts Bring MLBbro Influence That Dominates MLB MVP Races 

Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts Bring MLBbro Influence That Dominates MLB MVP Races 

MLBbro.com is a website that celebrates the great black and brown baseball players in the Major Leagues. Even though the staff knew that there was supreme talent that was overlooked, even we couldn’t have foreseen two MLBbros in Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts not only being superstars for their respective teams but dominating their leagues as well.

These two players are setting historical landmarks this season and could possibly be the first African American tandem to each bag MVP awards from both leagues this season. But while the Shohei Ohtani argument only shows the statistical side of the story and is fueled by the novelty of him being a two-way player, the real MVP is the best player in all aspects. 

Just look at the overall impact that both Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts have on postseason bound teams going into October. As covered by MLBbro.com’s Kevin Moore, they rank first and second, respectively, in runs scored. 


Aaron Judge And Mookie Betts Are 1 & 2 In Runs Scored | These MLBbros Get On Base, Cross The Plate


But with all the similarities of how dominant these two MLBbros are in their leagues, their differences are a very interesting study.

Aaron Judge (New York Yankees): Potential AL MVP 

This MLBbro MVP has the world paying attention to every at bat these days as he tries to match both the American League and Yankees franchise home run record held by Roger Maris.



Since this bomb to tie Babe Ruth, Judge has lost his rhythm a little bit. Much of the problem is that teams have now taken to walking him intentionally while Aaron is starting to get under the ball slightly which could be from trying too hard. He is now batting .278 (5-18) with three doubles, eight walks and eight strikeouts.

In the recent 3-2 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday night, Judge went 1-3 with two walks (including an intentional walk to load the bases in the 10th inning). Now our MLBbro’s homerless streak has extended to 25 plate appearances, his second longest streak this season behind the 41 plate appearances in August.   

But despite the slowdown in his nuclear production, he is still in rare air in the American League all-time single season home run rankings.

Roger Maris, New York Yankees (1961): 61

Aaron Judge, New York Yankees (2022): 60 with eight games left as of this writing.

Babe Ruth, New York Yankees (1927): 60

Hank Greenberg, Detroit Tigers (1938): 58

Jimmie Foxx, Oakland Athletics (1932): 58

But what makes Aaron Judge a potential lock for MVP is his pursuit of the AL Triple Crown this season. With his complete dominance with his home run and RBI numbers, only the batting average race between our MLBbro and Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts is being watched at this point. Going into the Yankees game against the Blue Jays on Tuesday, Judge is on top with a .314 average.

But while everyone (MLBbro.com included) marvels and watches Judge’s exploits with the baseball bat, we all can forget that this guy may be in the running for a Gold Glove as well. He is athletic in the field at 6’7 and it’s not the greatest idea to test that cannon of an arm he has.



Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers): Potential NL MVP

While Aaron Judge is overshadowing baseball with his storyline stealing power, Mookie Betts is dominating the National League as the best player on the best team in Major League Baseball. Betts is staking his claim as being the best skilled player and leader in all of baseball. A recent illustration of that fact was in last week’s Dodgers win over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Despite the fact Mookie was held out of the starting lineup, he still made an impact as a pinch hitter by delivering a walk-off single to win 3-2. That added to Los Angeles’ total of 45 come from behind wins. It just adds to the options that the Dodgers have at their disposal of using Betts as an offensive weapon. Even when the team is resting him for the postseason with the NL West wrapped up, our MLBbro is still engaged. It was the first walk-off hit for Betts since joining the Dodgers.

He shared his thoughts after the game via MLB.com.

“It’s cool,” Betts said. “Actually, I think that might be one of my first pinch-hit hits, so that part was pretty cool in itself. But we got a win and that’s all that really matters.”

But Mookie’s accomplishments should stand next to his MLBbro counterpart in the American League as well. Recently he made franchise history by becoming the first player since Duke Snider in 1954 to hit 35 home runs and 35 doubles in a season.


But what makes Betts a MVP candidate is how he has affected his team in a positive way. His ability to move to second base has allowed Trayce Thompson to become a factor in the lineup. A move that was just a stopgap for Betts’ injury has become one of the most underrated signings in MLB baseball this season.

Not only did this diamond in the rough finding allow Betts to prepare for the postseason, but the Dodgers didn’t overspend or make any unnecessary trades at the deadline like their NL West rivals, the San Diego Padres. The financial flexibility for the future is tied to Mookie Betts and his all-around play.

By the way, he can play right field pretty good too…


These MLBbros Look Destined To Accumulate Some Hardware This Year | Awards On Deck


Barry Bonds Wants Aaron Judge To Bring His Bro Show To San Francisco

Barry Bonds Wants Aaron Judge To Bring His Bro Show To San Francisco

Home Run King Barry Bond wants Bay-area native Aaron Judge in a San Francisco Giants jersey come 2023.  The sweepstakes for this year’s soon to be American League MVP will be one of the biggest the Majors has ever seen.

Is Aaron Judge Having The Greatest Contract Year In MLB History? | The MLBbro Exceeded Even The Highest Expectations


To most of a generation, including Aaron Judge himself, Barry Bonds was the greatest player they ever saw. The seven-time MVP holds the record for most home runs in a career with 762 and his 73 in 2001 are the most ever in a single season. Judge’s current chase for the American League record has caught the eyes of the entire sports world, including Bonds himself who last week gave Judge his blessing to not only take his crown, but follow in his footsteps as the right fielder for the San Francisco Giants.

“The way Judge swings he might as well hit one a day and get past me,” said Bonds to reporters.  

“I don’t care, why not?  I hope he signs here.  Can it happen?  I do not know, but we would love to have him.”

The Giants, just like each of the other 29 Major League teams will get the opportunity to shoot their shots in hopes to get Judge in their lineup, but his favorite player from his childhood team may give them the upper hand in the sweepstakes.

Judge was born in Linden, California and grew up as a Giants fan.  He played baseball at Fresno State University where he was named All-Conference in each of his three seasons there before he was drafted by New York. This past off-season, Aaron Judge’s contract negotiations with the Yankees were the talk of baseball. He made it clear to both the media and front office that he would not be negotiating a deal during the season.



Instead, he has let his play do the talking and it has spoken volumes in every single facet of the game whether it be taking over in center field, collecting a career high number of steals and distinguishing himself as one of the greatest Yankees in Major League history. Regardless of postseason outcome, Judge is coming to negotiating tables this off-season with things stacked heavily in his favor. He will have his first career MVP under his belt to go along with having hit the second most homers in the 2000’s era and possibly a triple crown.

Nobody knows how much it will take to lure Judge away from New York. He is the king of the city and wears the superstar tag better than any athlete in the city since Derek Jeter retired. He’s not nearly as popular or well known as Jeter was outside of baseball circles, but if he keeps this up and remains in pinstripes, then sky is the limit. If he doesn’t stay with the Yankees that automatically lowers his popularity and celebrity as a baseball player. But it will be up to Judge. 

What we do know is that the greatest home run hitter of all time wants to see today’s supreme slugger send balls into McCovey Cove as Bonds once did. Will the Yankees’ disrespect some months ago come back to haunt them?  Maybe, but only time will tell as to where we see Judge in 2023.

Is Aaron Judge Having The Greatest Contract Year In MLB History? | The MLBbro Exceeded Even The Highest Expectations

Is Aaron Judge Having The Greatest Contract Year In MLB History? | The MLBbro Exceeded Even The Highest Expectations

Contract years are always a gamble. And in case you haven’t been paying attention, there is no safer bet right now than MLBbro Aaron Judge. Back in April the New York Yankees offered the slugger a seven-year deal in the range of $30 million annually. The team fell short on the years and salary that Judge was asking for and he decided to play out the final year on his contract and allow himself to go into free agency following this season. At the time, this seemed like a big risk for Judge who had injuries in the past and is 30 years of age. But now that he’s compiled an historic season for the ages and will likely be named MVP, his market value has skyrocketed and put the Yankees in an even tougher position.


Aaron Judge Is Having an MVP Season | Brian Cashman Should Have Paid That Man


The Yankees have no chance at signing Judge for anywhere close to that deal now. The MLBbro currently sits at 60 home runs, which is twenty more than National League leader Kyle Schwarber. This lead would be the biggest home run lead in MLB since 1928. Judge doesn’t play favorites. The gentle giant has blessed the hometown crowds and various ballparks around the country with his power display, hitting 30 Bro bombs at home and 30 on the road.

Anchoring The Best Lineup In Baseball, Aaron Judge Has Exceeded Expectations


Not only is Judge hitting for power, but he is also hitting for average and driving in runs at an elite level. In fact, not only is Judge set to surpass Roger Maris for the AL home run record, but he is on pace to lead the American League in several offensive categories. Currently Judge is atop the AL in Batting Average, RBI, Runs, XBH, Walks, OBP, SLG and OPS. Judge has done this while playing majority of his games in center field this year, further proving his defensive versatility. He may not win a Gold Glove, but he is more than capable of holding down any outfield position. 

Aaron Judge Could Add the Triple Crown To His Laundry List of Accomplishments | Would Join Frank Robinson As Only MLBbros In Exclusive Club


The Yankees and Brian Cashman will have to bring a very lucrative contract before Judge now. The MLBbro will be the most sought-after free agent this winter and rightfully so. Judge has expressed his interest in staying in the Bronx, but at 30 years old he must ensure that he takes a deal that fully captures his worth not only on the field but off the field. Whoever signs Judge is not only getting the best hitter in baseball, but one of the most recognizable athletes in the game. A player baseball can’t afford to be positioned in any other city. With the Yankees being the most recognizable team in the league, they’d be smart to award Judge a contract he desires.

Aaron Judge And Mookie Betts Are 1 & 2 In Runs Scored | These MLBbros Get On Base, Cross The Plate

Aaron Judge And Mookie Betts Are 1 & 2 In Runs Scored | These MLBbros Get On Base, Cross The Plate

Mookie Betts and Aaron Judge have had impressive seasons this year. And we’ll get to see both players compete in the postseason. At the plate, these brothers have caused a lot of havoc for opposing teams.

These two are at the top of the rankings in the league when it comes to runs scored. Judge is leading the way with 125 runs scored through 144 games and Betts is right behind him with 112 runs scored through 130 games played.

The last time an MLBbro led the league in this category was in 2019 when Betts finished the season with 135 runs scored. When you talk about the best players in the game right now, you have to mention these two ballers.

What they are doing on the field is remarkable and barring any unforeseen setbacks, these legendary MLBbros will both be in the Hall of Fame one day. And let’s talk about how much of an impact they each provide at the top of the lineup. There’s a reason their managers put them in the leadoff spot.

Betts has been the spark at the top of the lineup for the Dodgers since he joined the team back in 2020. He’s the type of player that can set the tone of the game and he can come through big in clutch situations.



Through 130 games this season, Betts has hit 35 home runs and 35 doubles, becoming the first Dodger to reach this accomplishment since 1954. To score runs you have to get on base, and that’s one thing Betts does well.

Judge has had an MVP season, again proving why he is a Top 5 MLB player. The 30-year-old has shown no signs of slowing down.



Not only is he smashing balls out of the ballpark, he’s taking good swings and putting himself in a good position to have success at the plate.

This is the second time in his career where he surpassed 100 runs scored. The first time came back in 2017 when he finished with 128 runs scored. That same season he also hit 52 home runs.

Like Betts, Judge can provide a lot of spark at the top of the lineup. Whether he’s in the leadoff spot or batting third, he is always a tough out. And all it takes for Judge is one swing to be able to change the tone of the game. He is making history this year and it’s been exciting watching what he’s done on the field.

Aaron Judge Could Add the Triple Crown To His Laundry List of Accomplishments | Would Join Frank Robinson As Only MLBbros In Exclusive Club

Aaron Judge Could Add the Triple Crown To His Laundry List of Accomplishments | Would Join Frank Robinson As Only MLBbros In Exclusive Club

Aaron Judge hit his 60th home run of the 2022 season in a 9-8 Yankees win over the Pittsburgh Pirates. While his fellow MLBbro Giancarlo Stanton’s walk-off grand slam was bro bombing at its best, Judge is closing in on Roger Maris and that’s simply the stuff of legends.

Judge will be the AL MVP at the end of the season everyone. This is no secret, no matter how much highly respected Black Ace CC Sabathia tries to make a claim for Los Angeles Angels pitcher/DH, Shohei Ohtani. 

Despite Ohtani’s numbers, all eyes are on the MLBbro of the Year and his chase for the all-time American League home run record currently held by Yankees icon, Roger Maris. Judge is only two homers away from tying Maris’ 61 dingers and his Tuesday night homer has already placed him in the annals of slugger royalty, along with Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.

On Sunday, he added yet another conversation to the news cycle, hitting his MLB-leading 58th and 59th home run against the Milwaukee Brewers.



Besides powering the Yankees to a 12-8 win over Milwaukee, his 4-5 performance at the plate has now put him in serious contention for the Triple Crown with a few weeks left in the season. Judge would be only the second Black player to win the Triple Crown in MLB history and the first since Frank  Robinson in 1966. 



Right now, our MLBbro is not only dominating major league pitching, but he’s also become the face of baseball. Judge can no longer be put in a box of just being a power player that puts the ball in the seat. These days, he’s has shown the ability to hit the ball all over the park. Yes, Aaron Judge is not just a home run hitter…he’s a professional hitter period!

His production has been historical. He leads all of MLB in homers and RBI by a large margin. As of Tuesday, Judge is just two RBI shy of 130 on the season. According to MLB Network, no player has had more than 133 RBI in a season since Chris “Crush” Davis in 2013.  Judge currently leads the American League in batting average (.316), RBI and homers.  

Despite all of the hoopla, the MLBbro MVP is still focused on what matters and that’s winning baseball games. He shared his thoughts on his goals via ESPN.

“It’s not too difficult if your main focus and your main objective is to go out there and win a game,” Aaron Judge said. “The numbers, they’re just numbers. I’m focused on doing what I can to be a good teammate and help the team win. If that means hitting a homer, it means hitting a homer, but it’s never been my focus.”

Up until last weekend, any talk about Triple Crown winners was surrounding St. Louis Cardinals first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt who is the odds-on favorite to take the National League MVP crown. But now it’s Judge who is in the driver’s seat to become only the 11th player in Major League Baseball history to accomplish this feat since the RBI became a statistic in 1920. 

Just look at the potential greats Aaron Judge could be joining if he keeps up this pace…

2012: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers (American League)

1967: Carl Yastrzemski, Boston Red Sox (American League)

1966: Frank Robinson. Baltimore Orioles (American League)

1956: Mickey Mantle, New York Yankees (Led American and National Leagues)

1947: Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox (American League)

1942: Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox (Led American and National Leagues)

1937: Joe Medwick, St. Louis Cardinals (National Leagues)

1934: Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees (Led American and National Leagues)

1933: Jimmy Foxx, Oakland Athletics (American League)

1925: Rogers Hornsby, St. Louis Cardinals (Led National and American Leagues)

1922: Rogers Hornsby, St. Louis Cardinals (Led National League)

Aaron Judge Is Finishing Strong | MLBbro Leaving No Doubt About AL MVP Award

The history wouldn’t stop there for our MLBbro. If Judge wins the Triple Crown, he would become the third player in Yankees history to achieve the feat along with Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle. That would place the Yankees at the top of the list for the most Triple Crown winners in MLB history, breaking a tie with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. 

But no matter how loudly MLBbro.com or any other media outlets boasts Judge’s accomplishments, our MLBbro is not listening…

“It’s all noise,” Judge said. “I got a job to do on the field and I’m focused on doing that. We got a long way to go. There are quite a few games left this month and the playoffs ahead of us. So I’m staying locked in on that.”

“I’ll tune it out, I try to stay off all that stuff as much as I can, because it’s really no good. You have a bad game, they’re gonna say some things. You have a good game, they’re gonna say some things. So I try to stay off it throughout the year and just focus on what I gotta do here and focus on helping this team and listen to the opinions from my teammates and coaches. Those are the ones that matter to me.”

When pressed about the personal satisfaction of hitting his 60th homer, Judge said, “Getting a chance to play baseball in Yankees Stadium

Check back with Aaron Judge on his performance this year after the season, he’s busy right now!